2199 Parr Dr, The Villages, FL 32162
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We stopped to one of your restaurants last night for dinner (9/2/2019) (2199 Parr Dr. the Villages #532, Fl.

32162) My husband order the Turkey dinner and I the meatloaf dinner. We have always been able to stop in for a wonderful home cooked meal in the past... but this was the worst experience... We had to wait longer then usually for our dinner's..

when asking what was taking so... the manager was great he went back to the kitchen to see what was taking so long... then our dinner was serviced.. I was shocked to look at the meatloaf on my plate, it didn't look like it always had...

it was not home made meat loaf but a cube of not sure what kind of meat if at all it was.....when the manager returned to our table to ask if everything was ok.... He seen there was one cut into my meatloaf... he asked what was wrong with it... I in turn told him this was not Bob Evens meatloaf ....it looked and tasted horrible...

when the manager said " Bob Evens has changed their meatloaf about a month ago", Well, If this is true... I can honestly say it may kill someone if they eat it... not sure if it is just this restaurant or what. I do plan to go to another Bob Evens restaurant in a different town, just to see if it is true....

I have included a picture of what was serviced to me as meatloaf... so disappointing

Susan of Leesburg, Fl.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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First off, the proper grammar is "he saw" and not "he seen". Secondly, the words home-cooked" and Bob Evans should not be used in the same sentence.


I have to say I am disabled with a learning disability, and secondly the comment application on this web site gets a d- this web site also gets and *** the BBB. I am sorry to hear susan had a bad experience.

Florida is turning into a ny city wall to wall corps and people. it is all about the bottom dollar

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