Independence, Ohio

Went there with my elderly uncle who ordered the Senior's size Pot Roast and I tried ordering the regular size Pot Roast Dinner. Their menu says you can substitute any side for the standard side which comes with the meal, so I asked to have the Mac and Cheese instead of the Mashed Potatoes. I was told that wasn't allowed, that the manager doesn't allow it unless you get the Mac and Cheese under the Pot Roast and gravy, just as the Mashed Potatoes would have come.

I told them to please ask the manager to put the Mac and Cheese on the side or just forget about me eating anything; that's how silly I found this request. What about customer service and customer satisfaction? Does it seem to any of you reading this that this Bob Evans cares more about their silly rules than they do their customers satisfaction? I've never heard of anything so silly in my life.

The manager told the waitress that she would allow it this one time (sounded a lot like my first grade elementary teacher).

Well when they brought out our dinners, my uncle, who ordered the senior size Pot Roast had more on his plate than I did. Without any exaggeration, I had what looked like all of 4 or 5 forks of Pot Roast, and hey are charging $10.29 for the dinner. What a rip off, which I told the waitress is how I felt about it and that they could either give me more of a real portion or simply take it off my bill and not serve me anything.

The result, was that I never got to eat anything at this Bob Evans, and the manager never even had the decency to come out and speak with me.

I use to be a big fan of Bob Evans, but this is about the third problem I've had at the same number of Bob Evans around Cleveland, so I think they're starting to become too much or a corporate style restaurant watching every single serving size and losing complete interest in their customers satisfaction.

Monetary Loss: $15.

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I work for bobs & the dinner u are speaking of doesn't have a full serving of carrots or mash or onions, therefore cannot be substituted in any way. However, we do still have the open faced pot roast dinner & u could've chosen any 2 sides u like. Sounds like staff who doesn't really know their menu!


You wanted more, they offered you more, and still you aren't happy.


Who the heck would want Mac a d cheese with pot roast. Ugh