Lewisburg, Ohio
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Me and my husband never had problems at Bob Evans. The food and service is always good.

Always very clean and helpful. But it was the first time I ordered steak. I ordered steak and eggs. The sirloin steak.

It didn't cut like a steak. It didn't look like steak. It didn't taste like steak. Its was processed beef.

It reminded me of spam, or lunch meat.It Was gross! It was so fake! My husband tried it also. And he didnt like it also.

You could tell it wasn't real sirloin steak. You just can't fool real farmers like us.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bob Evans Restaurants Steak.

Bob Evans Restaurants Pros: Cleanliness.

Bob Evans Restaurants Cons: Quality of beef.

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Next time, save yourself alot of money and just go buy yourself a can of spam and a loaf of bread and make some "SPAMWICHES". I have had them before and they are pretty delicious if you put lettuce and tomato on them. It's the poor man's ham sandwich!


We had the same experience at a Bob Evans Restaurant in Florida. We will never eat at a Bob Evans Restaurant again.


Bob Evans uses meat glue to stick scrapes of meat together and form their sirloin steak. It’s disgusting and nasty!


Glad it wasn't just me who found that steak odd and nasty af! I couldn't even eat it, but my trash compactor of a husband scarfed it down without a care!

Ugh...so gross! I've had better steaks at McDonalds on their egg, steak, and cheese bagels! I'm not a farmer but I know what real sirloin tastes like, looks like, and how the texture is. That BE steak reminded me of liver.

*puke* I hated liver all my life and nearly vomitted over thay BE supposed (liver-like) steak!

I'm very surprised they serve that...then again, I was sick to my stomach for hours after eating just a little of the baked potato and a piece of bread, so not surprised. Never going back to that shitehole again!


May 12 2019. Can confirm all these posts are correct.

Sitting in BE having just eaten half of the steak thinking all these thoughts.

Can't finish it. Go to IHOP


Ocala, Florida.. ordered the sirloin, and the steak and shrimp.

Both steaks were like toothpaste, or mashed potatoes, squirting out when we went to cut them.

Horried. Will never order again!


I feel the same way about Bob Evans sirloin. I raise beef and it's texture is wrong.

The sirloin is way too tender sf o much so you can cut it with a spoon and very little pressure and it basically falls apart. Real beef doesn't do that. You actually don't even have to chew it. Take a very small sliver and roll it back and forth between the roof of your moth and tongue and it simply dissolves for the most part.

Again real beef will not do that. I am currently sitting here at Bob Evans in Chillicothe. Ohio eating a sirloin thinking this isn't real steak. Let's google it and see if anyone else felt the same.

Not to my surprise several real farmers have thought this is processed garbage. Maybe soy.

Maybe some other type of meat and glue type product but it definitely is not real sirloin from a real cow. It may possibly contain some percentage of real beef but its definitely processed.


Maybe they are serving up "Soylent Greens" like from the movie of the same name.


Had Bob evens steak tonight for dinner , all I can say is mystery meat ? I'm wondering what it was I ate! Will not go back!


The sirloin was good probably bc of spices, however, the texture was not that of any steak - too soft, almost mushy. Should have left it on my plate.

Never again. Nausea for hours after leaving.


I was nausested for hours afterward, too!!!


Just happened to me this morning. Route 40 west Catonsville, Maryland Bob Evans Sirloin steak was a brown meat shell with potted meat in it.

I used my butter knife to squeeze the paste meat out of the pocket of cooked shell. Yuck!!!!!!!!!!!


I ordered the sirloin and shrimp tonight and the sirloin was mush! So disgusting I’ve never seen anything like it before and neither has my husband.

The texture was like mashed potatoes. I’ll never order it again.


We just had steak from there tonight and it was absolutely disgusting!! It was like mush. Gross!!!


I just ate it last night. It is NOT real steak.

It is processed. What are we eating?

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