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Bob Evans must be rolling over in his grave. What used to be a reliable, clean restaurant with halfway decent food and service has turned into an establishment that is unrecognizable.

I am not talking about one restaurant that has a temporary problem, I am talking about numerous restaurant locations. I have been in Bob Evans restaurants throughout the Midwest for many years. I now ask myself before going in, is it going to be food quality, service, cleanliness or all the above this time? I have finally had enough.

Every time I order a Wild Fire Chicken it is different. Tonight it had chucks of onion, a cut up carrot and no barbecue sauce except on the chicken pieces. I have asked my waiters in the past what the WFC Salad is suppose to have in it and they look at me like I just spoke Chinese to them. Obviously it's not just the salad I am had enough with.

I have walked out of Bob Evans restaurants for being ignored after sitting down, watching my food sit at the window for 20 minutes while it gets cold and rude waiters.

There are major problems with the upper management of this company. For someone like myself who actually had breakfast with Bob Evans when the Columbus West Broad Street location opened up years ago, I find it sad for Bob.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bob Evans Restaurants Salad.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Bob Evans Restaurants Pros: Pleasant waitress.

Bob Evans Restaurants Cons: Food quality.

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Sorry for the bad experiences You have had i am a hourly employee at bob evans and have been for years i live what i do one of the most aggravating things for me is lazy employees i really try to go out of my way for the guest that walk in the door but i myself have seen guest walk out as they were over looked or food take to long sometimes the behind the scene is alot different to many people calling in sick like me i am a hostess that includes seating the tables cashing out i also bake for bakery take carryout orders as i am the only day hostess in the building they just cant find anyone to work which is tiring for me but i still keep a smile no excuses for me not to take care of each guest who walks i love the company i miss the way it was ran back when i began i am so sorry for lack of service and knowledgeable staff yes bob evans would not be happy the way its going he was a very nice down to earth man i got to meet him a few times ...wildfire salad consist of ,lettuce base grape tomatoes (4) cheese (cheddar) corn ,scallions,(green onion) Tortilla strips and chicken (fried or grilled) tossed in wildfire bbq served with wildfire ranch dressing on the side, honestly only the chicken has the bbq on it but you can always ask for it over the whole salad! I have been a server most of my years at bobs we used to have to take teat and had to be able to name everything that came with every meal and what went into every item and if you didnt pass you didnt serve i wish they would at least do that so no one could serve unless thry knew our menu!