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I will no longer be eating at Bob Evans. Who ever bought them out is nuts.

I do not lay my silver ware on a table, ever! How much are you saving by not

Using them? You better get your priorities in order. I am sick of asking for

Extra napkins. My Group of 7 on Sunday will no longer be eating there after

Church. The darn fruit jars are bad enough. The seniors started going to Cracker Barrell because of difficulty in picking them up. Your management needs a shake up. I don’t care about your so-called anti bacterial solution you

Clean your tables with.. depends on who is cleaning them how well it is done.

Shame on you, for your stupidity. Too bad you are tuining a good restaurant.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bob Evans Restaurants Dine-In Service.

Reason of review: No place mars.

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Seriously placemats is ur complaint lol...use ur napkin or the plate ur food comes out on..u sound like a snob and im glad ive never had to serve ur super picky self..

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