1024 Beards Hill Rd, Aberdeen, MD 21001
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Over the last year but serving sizes have become much smaller. After the last time we ate there, as we went to the car, my husband said that he wanted to go to MCDonald's across the road as he didn't get enough to eat.

I realize that you may be trying to keep costs down but I'd rather pay a little more and get enough to eat.

We also eat at Cracker Barrel.

5their prices are fairly equivalent to yours but you get more for the money.

We've never left there feelling like we didn't get enough.

If you keep on with giving small portions, it's going to hurt your business. My husband doesn't want to eat at your restaurant any more because of this issue.

Reason of review: Portion size.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

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Your title is misleading. I makes it look like they did not give you the food that you paid for.

That being said, it comes across as rather sarcastic. I doubt they will miss you.