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If I wanted poor quality food I would go to Denny's and not Bob Evans but it is apparent that the area and district managers don't care how customers orders come out in the 91st and Metcalf, Overland Park KS store. When I order eggs I expect them like I requested NOT with a hard burnt crust on the bottom of the eggs.

Many have been complaining to the waitresses and management about the problem. The store manager attempts to correct the problem however once she is out of the kitchen the cook does as he wants and ends up with burned eggs every time. It is apparent the area and district manager does not give a darn about the problem and obviously sweeping it under the rug. When I was asked by Corporate to call them I did the next day and requested to talk to upper management.

Well that has been a waist of time, still no calls after 7 days only to once again place a complaint on their site and them replying to call them to get more information. Why should I, I did it last week and you are not customer service enough to solve or even care about the problem.

We have been a loyal customer from day one and average 5 times a week eating breakfast however if Sylvester is cooking I refuse to eat. Like I said he is nothing other than a Denny's cook and why should I accept poor quality, perhaps I should change my bill to Denny's price since I sure don't get Bob Evans quality as expected.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bob Evans Restaurants Customer Care.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Neither one of them employ cooks, they employ microwave technicians. Beyond that, on average, a 'cook' at Denny's earns about .40 cents an hour more than the one at Bob Evans (both on paid on average less than $10/hourly).

Hopefully, that person you are complaining about can turn his dumpy Bob Evans job into a slighly better one at Denny's.

I don't know who has worse food, Bob Evans or Denny's. I just know that both are AWFUL! Just plain awful. If I wanted to eat some frozen item that had been heated in the microwave, I would stay home.

Shame on your for posting the cook's name.

You honestly make me sick and I think that was an absolute crummy thing for you to do. Is that how you were raised?