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all i want to do is go in the restaurant and drink my coffee and eat peacefully and enjoy the company of the workers and the regulars that come in and make me happy since i lost my mother last year. i have a crossword puzzle i do when i come in and it keeps my mind off my mother.

the workers and regulars that are there are the most grateful people i know!! i just wish i was treated alot better by the 1 waitress that shouldn\'t of gave me trouble from the very beginning.. we used to be friends and now she turned on me and is trying to turn others against me to.. im a better person then that!!

i love everyone of them including the ones that dislike me to.. me and my big heart goes a long way!!

i wish something gets done about this to.. i feel that it will not end!!

Original review posted by user Oct 01, 2011

I go into your restaurant and i always get eather a dirty look or accused of calling that person a *** when that word is darling!! i dont think that is a bad word!!

i call everyone that!! i sit at the counter and then they want to listen to my conversations thinking im talking about them when im not!! i know the regulars that come in and talk with them all the time! i had gotten my food thrown at me when this person waited on me.

now she is not supposed to be around me when i come in but she is all the time and gives me dirty looks all the time.. i enjoy the food and coming in to see the rest of the workers!! i used to feel like a family and was liked by many of them and now 2 of the waitresses are taking sides against me. i havent done anything wrong but come in eat and drink my coffee!!

i dont let her or any of them get to me.. when they see me coming early in the morning they put me at the end of the counter on purpose and i get hit in the arm by the 1 waitress and she doesnt even have any food in her hand eather. i all i want to do is sit where i want to so i can see my truck. i have had problems with this waitress a long time and the general manager is such a wonderful person that she has felt that we stay away from each other.

i dont know how that is possible when i go in there everyday but sunday. the general manager is doing her job well and is trying her best to help me. its just i dont know what else to do. its just getting worse and worse not any better.

i even tipped them all at x-mas time all 5.00 just cause i have the biggest heart!! people that know me very well will tell you that!! once the 2 waitress get together theres no telling what they will do.

the general doesnt really see what goes on and nor does the other managers that work on their shifts. i see it all with others being right there.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bob Evans Restaurants Manager.

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