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I just learned that Bob Evans has discontinued serving blueberry & strawberry crepes as part of their breakfast menu. These were the best items on the menu.

As a regular customer, I never failed to order one or two of these crepes. They always brought a smile to my face; they are so good. I have no other specific reason to now choose Bob Evans over their local competitors for breakfast. Someone at BE headquarters is out of touch with their customer base.

They must have their head up where the sun doesn't shine. Bad decision.

Also, when is BE going to replace their post-Depression-era silverware with something more substantial and modern.

Very "tinny" and dull looking. It's almost as though the restaurants want to convey an impoverished image to their "down-home" mystique.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bob Evans Restaurants Menu.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Agreed. I have no reason to go, since they're menu now has no differentiator to Cracker Barrel or the likes. Pretty upsetting as it was my favorite breakfast AND dessert.


I agree with you 100% percent on the crepes. It was the only reason we would drive the extra distance to eat Bob Evans. It was a differentiator from the competition and didnt require any additional ingredients the still provide.


Silverware...really? WOW!


I agree. Me and my son regularly ordered the crepes.

It was our favorite item we enjoyed on the menu.

My son was upset when he learned about it, because it had become like a tradition. I fail to understand the reason for discontinuing a popular item like crepes.


I agree I loved their crapes very disappointed they quit selling them I quit going to Bob Evans for that reason


My favorite thing on the menu, wont bother going to BE anymore.


Same here! Blueberry crepes were only reason we were going to Bob Evans. So they lost very good customers.


We used to go there All the time, but since blueberry crepes are gone, so are we!!!! Very disappointing.

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