Casselberry, Florida

My son and I went to the Casselberry, Fl store on 08-14-14 for dinner. Server brought drinks and bread and spilled honey on my hand and the table.

Did not come back to clean it up had to stop someone 15 minutes later and she was not happy to do it (this girl never smiled once the 1.5 hours we were there). We were told after this that our order had been lost and would be out soon as possible. During the wait we witnessed several other people with bad orders, wrong orders, slow service. One elderly lady (with a bad order) walked by and said "you finally got your meal - I keep telling my husband we should not go back - maybe this time we won't.

We go maybe once or twice a year because of the service. The food is always good but when you are on a time frame it is not good customer service.

they did *** 1/2 of the meal because of our long wait, etc. I am originally from Ohio and hate to see the name of Bob Evans go downhill because of something that can be corrected - I would suggest they hire people who smile and enjoy what they do.

Monetary Loss: $11.

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They closed the Bob Evans where I live after only a few years, it was a brand new building as well. You would have thought it would do well being right off the highway but it has had to overcome a bad reputation over the years.

We also have a Cracker Barrel up the street, so that is stiff competion. You can get better food at the same price ant Cracker Barrel, plus you have a nicer environment and the store to peruse. Last time I was at a Bob Evans, I asked for a bisquit with my meal, and they charged me almost $2.

At Cracker Barrel they will bring a whole plate of bisquits and cornbread out for free. Bob Evans may do well up North, but in the Carolinas, Cracker Barrel has lines out the door.


I seriously doubt this story is true if you don't know the difference between a girl and a woman, and since they have child labor laws I seriously doubt the server was a girl. Perhaps they did not smile because you are not a polite person to deal with?


Look I have no time for your attacking me now. I am super angry.

My son wanted the dessert at the restaurant I said that we were leaving because the service is horrible. My son started to cry because he would not get any dessert and refused to leave the table. I slapped him across the face and pulled him out of the restaurant. I should have noticed the waitress following me out of the restaurant.

She called the family and children's services on me and they are saying that they had a call that I was physically abusing my child. I said I was not he was not listening to me and that I was using corrective discipline. They said that they can check the tapes and see who is telling the truth and who was not. I told them the truth about slapping him because he was not *** listen and having to use force to take him out of the restaurant.

I think that the waitress is paying me back because the manager give me half off the meal and I did not leave a tip. I think the waitress is mad at me because I contacted the manager so she wanted me make trouble for me.

I am so mad at both the waitress and my ***, son, they said that if the behavior was as the waitress described they would most likely take my son from me, and they spoke to my husband and now he is angry at me for slapping our four year old son. I am so angry at them right now and because of this for sure I will never return.


poor you, accused of child abuse... seems to me that since you could only handle your son with a slap on the face, there might be something to the charge.

First Born Triplet

And you actually fell for the troll that posts here at random pretending to be the OP. They often pretend to be the OP making the OP sound like a crazy person.