10679 Lancaster Rd, Inside Travel America, Hebron, OH 43025, USA
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I dont know who to contact i am an employee of bob evans new first resturanunt in a truck stop in hebron ohio on state route 37, i was going to fill out the complaint form but it would not let me because my works city was not on the list... my problem is that we have to provide our own uniforms which is fine except that the white shirts are only white for a few weeks even with bleach and my boss keeps telling us all to get new all the time and its cutting into my min wage buying uniforms all the time...

i also have a problem with managment only making certain people cover there tattoos and others not having to cover there tattoos... we also have a waitress that is becoming a manager being paid salary and is still aloud to serve on sundays because we are short staffed and make tips and the whole staff has a problem with it and she is bragging it in our faces... same rules should be dor everyone... i know this is the first bob evans in a truck stop but dor future stores my opinion is that all new managers should be hired with changing a different restaurant into a bob evans because as soon as the bob evans people left all your rules changed.

We were trained my bobs people who taught us to go by the picture perfect book we do not, we dont cook the rolls the right way and no one marks times on coffee... in my opinion you should have a secret corprate person visit with no badge in morning mid day and night to see what im talking about

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You should have finished high school.

Your grammar would be much better and you wouldn't be stuck at Bob Evans.

But bless you for trying ; I'm sure it's a real drag.

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