Cincinnati, Ohio

Sunday July,20th we had dinner at BobEvans resturant on Glenway #342. Everything was great except my chicken salad sandwich. It was not the regular chicken that I have been having there for the last few years.

I have been eating your chicken salad or chicken salad plate for a long time.

What I received was nothing like I expected. It was very juicy and had other items in it that were not there before. There were tiny pieces of something green [maybe pickle relish] and also something red.

It had little or no taste at all. Please let me know if this is what you will be serving.

If a all possible change back to the old chicken salad. I know I will not order it any more if it doesn't change back to what you usually serve.

Thanks for listening to me.

Janet Mangus

5921 Leeside Trail

Cincinnati, Ohio 45248

Phone # 513 598 9921


Product or Service Mentioned: Bob Evans Restaurants Salad.

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Janet is correct. This new version of their chicken salad is very much inferior to the previous salad.

The chicken was finely minced rather than chunked and the flavor was bland. I was very disappointed.


Okay call corporate if you think the menu should be changed back to the old item. Otherwise newsflash! The recipe has been changed just like the menu so get over it grandma.


those things you don't know what they are is grapes. they put the grapes in the chicken salad.


i agree with tbird , and this website is for people that are pissed, not emotionally disturbed.

#23985 only THINK it's chicken! :) Oops, the cats out of the bag on that one!


:? You are *** for posting your home address and telephone number on the internet.

Do you want many unwanted and harassing phone calls? What were you thinking?

And this Bob Evans restaurant probably got a new cook so that is why the chicken salad is different. Get a life and go somewhere elso to get chicken salad or try making your own.