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We placed an order online this morning for pick up it did have an option for delivery. But decided to just pick it up it would be quicker we ordered two Homestead breakfast and an order of biscuits and gravy by itself.

In the description for the Homestead breakfast it states it comes with the sausage gravy and biscuits two eggs cooked to order a side of meat potatoes and freshly baked bread. So we made all of her choices now in the picture on the website it shows a picture of The meal we ordered with a side of the gravy two biscuits the eggs the meat potatoes etc. so when I get down to the choices were it says your choice of freshly baked bread I’m assuming that because of the way it’s worded online the biscuits are included with the gravy. Because it states it comes with the sausage gravy biscuits and your choice of eggs scrambled etc.

when It gets down to where we choose the bread that comes with this meal we choose blueberry bread because I didn’t want to get 4 biscuits with my meal I only needed two. So we choose blueberry bread assuming that because the Homestead breakfast states it comes with the sausage gravy biscuits and your choice of again eggs meat hashbrowns and fresh baked bread. We get our order home and once everything is out we realize that we did not get to biscuits with each of our Homestead breakfast meals that we ordered to go with the gravy so I called the store and asked to talk to the manager because we live in fishers and drove to Noblesville to pick it up. When I explained what happened to the girl that answered the phone she apologized said I’m so sorry will get this fixed for you and I said I noticed you had an option for delivery on your website from your store could you possibly have somebody go ahead and deliver the biscuits that go with the gravy cups to us so we can have our complete meal.

She said yeah she was going to go talk to the manager and come back and have her get on the phone OK. The manager gets on the phone says this is Melissa how can I help you like the girl didn’t tell her what my situation was. So I asked her if the person who answered the phone had explained what was going on and she said yes and she looked up the order and said that we chose blueberry bread instead of buttermilk biscuits and you don’t get too freshly baked bread items with the meal. And then she went on to say after basically telling me that it was my fault that they don’t deliver it’s DoorDash that delivers.

Well at this point I’m a little upset because we don’t eat at Bob Evans very often this is the first time we’ve ordered online and to be honest the way they have things set up it’s very misleading. I am sure if we had been in the restaurant ordering with the waitress taking our order it would have been explained to us that you have to choose the buttermilk biscuits In order to actually get biscuits and gravy with the Homestead breakfast otherwise it’s just a cup of gravy. But again we were not we ordered online and based on the description in the picture and the choices they gave us online anybody would assume that the biscuits automatically come with the gravy. So while I understood what the manager was saying to me very rudely I was trying to explain to her that because they don’t clearly explain that when you place your order on Line We made the choices we did and obviously had I known that I would have chosen the biscuits and that blueberry bread in my opinion they should have offered to do something about that rather than starting to argue with me about it and not wanting to listen and basically she said you don’t get two sides of freshly baked bread with your Homestead breakfast it just doesn’t work that way that is exactly what she said.

Then of course she went on to explain they don’t have a delivery service at their store that door Dash does it well it did not say anything about DoorDash on their website not at all not anywhere not even the privacy and policy notices in the little blue print at the bottom Of the website page. When you sign on or make an account at bobevans.com It comes up and says is this for pick up or delivery. I also tried to explain that to her. Also knowing that door Dash app up charges the price of the food on their app and has very terrible service themselves we will never use DoorDash.

The manager continued to argue with me and not try to hear or understand my side I guess of the situation in my thinking process when we place the order and why I was under the impression that their store actually delivered to Peoples homes. She just kept telling me flat out we don’t deliver we do not offer delivery it is door dash. I realized I was not going to get anywhere with this person she clearly should not be a manager because a manager or a good manager would’ve definitely handled the situation differently and listened to the customer instead of interrupting them every other word to try and understand the situation because in my opinion Bob Evans needs to change some things about their website if they are wanting people to order online. When I hung up the phone I decided to go back to Bob Evans.com and go through the process of placing an order for delivery to see if it ever at any point states that DoorDash is the one delivering the food and not Bob Evans store having somebody come and deliver it.

And you go through the whole process it is 100% Bob Evans. DoorDash does not come up anywhere they do not let you know that DoorDash is delivering it . I got all the way to where you put the credit card in gives you an estimated time of delivery and you hit place order it is all done bobevans website does not say anything about DoorDash. Nowhere ever does it come up that Bob Evans does not do the delivery that door dash is the


So unless you work there apparently you don’t know that DoorDash is the one delivering and Bob Evans is not the one delivering so when I called and asked if somebody could please deliver the items that I thought were missing from my order and she continues to argue with me about how they don’t deliver and that it’s DoorDash delivering not them so they can’t do that for us I think is terrible. Because again there’s no way for the a person who is going online and placing an order for delivery to know that Bob Evans is not actually A Bob Evans employee delivering from whichever Bob Evans store you’re ordering from. The manager could have said hey you know what I’m sorry about this let me get online and look at that because if it’s DoorDash that is actually delivering for them then it should somehow state that when you’re placing your order or take you to the DoorDash website or something but it doesn’t you’re doing it 100% straight through bobevans.com and that’s what it looks like as well. So do the Bob Evans having extremely miss leading information and in my opinion shady ways of delivering food and making it to where it’s not their problem if something is messed up let’s just say we will never order from Bob Evans again we will never go into that restaurant again and we will be making a formal complaint because I’ve never been treated so poorly in my life by a manager at a restaurant.

She could have offered to have us come pick up for biscuits but instead she would rather argue about how it’s this in that way and it was my misunderstanding and it just is what it is. That’s not good business we didn’t end up getting what we had thought We had ordered. But bobevans sure ended up getting $30 from us and the manager was extremely rude and she clearly needs to be put through some management 101 classes on how to handle the situations. And last but not least Bob Evans needs to make adjustments on their website and they need to make it clear that the delivery service is not through the store it is through DoorDash and they need to be more clear in the descriptions for people so when they’re ordering the food online people can make the appropriate

choices and end up satisfied with their meal and not feel like they were just taken advantage of and also so peoples don’t feel like they are advertising services BOB EVANS TRULY DOESNT OFFER.

All of this over 4 biscuits (which is half of the meals we ordered) And had the manager handled the situation differently and spoken to me differently and at least tried to sympathize with what I was saying or tried to make me feel like she understood that maybe there were issues on their end with their website misleading people or yeah I can see why you would’ve thought that or yeah I completely understand it is all done through our website instead of just telling me it was DoorDash it was DoorDash when nowhere on the website down to you placing the order are you made aware that door dash is the one doing the delivery and not the bob evans store. I I would not have ended up feeling like I was just taken advantage of by a big restaurant chain and not felt like they were liars and obviously teach their employees to treat their customers this way which is very poorly very poorly! I will post this all over the Internet and I will tell people do not go to Noblesville Bob Evans and do not ever ever deal with Melissa the manager at Bob Evans and Noblesville Indiana Because she will treat you like you are a piece of *** and tell you that it’s not their fault no matter what the situation is and will not listen to you and will interrupt you and argue with you. As a child I had good memories at Bob Evans with my grandparents it’s really sad that the company has moved in this direction and is going downhill so fast especially with the people they employ and they definitely need to do some changing on their website because I am sure I am not the first person that has made that mistake or that this is happened to you do today or miss leading information and ordering system online .

Oh and one last thing Bob Evans does not deliver according to the manager Melissa from Noblesville Indiana But if she would go on line and try to place an order for delivery like she was a customer and go all the way through completely I’m sure or at least I hope she would feel like a complete *** by the end when she sees that in no way shape or form does it ever state that door dash is doing a delivery so it wasn’t out of line for me to think that they had somebody in that store could have delivered the food I had thought was missing. Thank you!

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It was your mistake! Bob’s breakfast meals come with ONE choice of bread, always have.


You are right. Everyone knows this.

Just because she cannot understand what she has read does not mean she should ge she wants. The only one that has trouble understanding her and she is wrong.

Then when they don't give in to her temper tantrum she accuses them of being rude. With her terrible reading,spelling and grammar as well as her immature behavior I am guessing she is younger than 11.


Your spelling and grammar is at the level of someone in the sixth grade and yet you call grown women girls. Nothing is misleading.

Most adults and kids 11 and over would be able to understand what the meal comes with. Just because you cannot comprehend simple English does not make this misleading. Why should they not argue with you. You were in the wrong.

Instead of arguing back you should have done the adult thing and realized that you were wrong. Calling someone a girl when they are adults is wrong when you are the one acting like a child. Just because you did not get your way does not mean you were rudely treated. You sound like an immature brat that throws a temper tantrum when things do not go your way.

Trust me you won't be missed. There is nothing wrong with her management skills. In fact if she lets immature brats like you walk over her then she would not be a manager. Grow up.

Just because you cannot understand simple English does not mean that they are misreading.

Just because you did not get your way does no mean the manager was rude. Why should they let you have what you want because you cannot read and comprehend simple English?


So says the the idiot who cannot spell "get" right. Quit trying to make yourself feel significant because your too afraid to stop looking from your phone at Starbucks jannie.


Also why do you keep sending me emails about how your father raped you? What does that have to do with anything?

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