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We went in for carryout. We do this about 2 to 4 times a month because Bob Evans is our favorite place to get food & so when we get our social security checks, we treat ourselves to dinner out.

This really is a big deal because we are living on a fixed income so it truly is a treat. Anyway, we placed our order & they said about 10 minutes and since we needed to stop at our pharmacy, we went there and then came back for our order. Well, our order wasn't ready so we waited. Mind you there were only about 5 or 6 tables being served and 2 other carryouts so not terrible busy.

One of the others had to wait 15 minutes for a garden salad & piece of banana bread, not sure on the other one. The person who took our order asked us at least 5 times about the biscuits on our order, our food was ready and bagged except for biscuits and then we waited 25 minutes for biscuits. The manager finally said she could remake our order since it was so old but then the biscuits would be cold. No one was really doing anything.

It was a disaster. I feel that we deserve our money back or at least 2 free meals to make up for this god awful experience. A nice dinner that we didn't have to cook & clean up turned into a terrible experience and the only thing we didn't have to reheat was the biscuits. This was at the store at 23rd & Shadeland in Indianapolis, Indiana around 7:45 pm on Saturday April 1, 2017.

Our bill was for $ 21.00.

I really hope something can be done to make up for this. Thank you, Sharon Coffin

Product or Service Mentioned: Bob Evans Restaurants Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $21.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Bob Evans Restaurants Cons: Managements customer service, Not as advertised, Terrible customer service.

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You do not deserve anything. If you cannot afford to treat yourself than don't do it.

You not only want your money back, but free meals. You are not entitled to get more than what you paid for. They should not give you anything since they offered you a solution and you declined. You are not entitled to get your meal back and two free meals.

If you are really that poor I am sure that there are soup kitchens in your area.

I have an idea, why not cancel your internet access so you do not have to spend money there and use that to treat yourself instead of begging for things that you are not entitled to. You basically want triple what you ordered because you cannot afford to eat out which is sad.


Can you read? They said money back OR 2 free meals.


They later said AND, but that was deleted. The point is they should not be eating out if they cannot afford to.

Maybe you should have been here BEFORE the post was deleted because they clearly said AND in another post. You just look like a fool and your terrible grammar makes you look worse. But then again I have a feeling that you are the OP and you changed the wording from your post because you realized how messed up your request is. If not you do have the same IP address as the OP which is ironic.

People can research these kid.

THey can find your IP address and see you are the same person. So tell me why did you edit your review?


That's BS. I read this letter when it was just posted.

A while later, I saw someone had commented on it.

It was you, of course. Nothing was deleted or edited.


It is not a matter of not reading, it is a matter of just not comprehending what you read. That does not mean a person is unable to read.

However I have to agree with 2016, an offer was provided and they did not like the offer. They already ate their food and wanted their money back. I have to agree with 2016 here. You cannot afford to eat out than do not.

The manager offered to remake the meal, they refused. I have a feeling that it is YOU not MMD that has reading issues. While I agree his response was a tad rude, so was yours and it seems you need more reading lessons than 2016. If they wanted their money back they should not have eaten their food.

This is a common scam. People eat their meal, claim they did not like it, find issues with it and ask for their money back.


I can read really well, thank you very much. You need to learn about what social security is before judging.

The whole point is I had to wait for a long time for food that was not edible. Why is everyone judging me harshly. Just because I am on social security does not mean I am unable to read.

I made a mistake comeing to this site, everyone is attacking me and judging me. Not one person made a helpful remark.


Also what does reading have to do with my terrible experience. I shared my experience to warn others about bad service and everyone judges me and attack me.

I am done with this site. You are all bullies. You think a person who is on social security security cannot read.

Stop Judging people who you don't know. We deserve treats like the rest of you, and now they say y grandson cannot come over anymore because of this.


They told me that since I age the food I cannot get my money back but we should at least get two free meals. I only declined because we had to go home because we left our grandchild alone.

Now we are not allowed to have our grandchild visit because they called the police again because we had to wait longer for our food. We ate the food because we were hungry and want our money back or two free meals.

We are on social security and cannot afford a babysitter or to eat out, and our grandchild was misbehaving so we left him at home and did not treat him. Because he is seven they said it is neglect even though we told him not to answer to strangers.


Are you serious, it does not matter how long you thought you were going to be gone, you don't leave a child under 13 home alone. It is against the law.

If you cannot afford a babysitter and don't want to take your grandchild out because he or she misbehaved you don't go out yourself. Seven year old's do not know how to handle emergencies. What if there was a fire or something. What if he decided to use the stove?

What if he fell down the stairs or something, or did something dangerous and was seriously hurt? Also you ate the food so you do not get your money back.


The point is we just got our social security checks and we needed to get medication, and treat yourselves. It is tradition to treat ourselves when we get our check, we do it all the time, and we don't want our son's bratty behavior to disrupt our plans. Besides we did not think we would be gone that long, we only thought we would be gone for less than half an hour but they did not have our food prepared which took longer.

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