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I went into the bathroom of bob evans and stumbled over a tolit paper holder that had fallen out of the wall. I ask them to put a out of order sign on the door before some one gets hurt, they responded someone is suppose to be coming to fix it,I still requested a out of order sign for others safty.

they never did put a sign on the door.

in the mean time I learn that my sister had told them to do that sign earlier when she was in there. in the mean time having lunch I am getting uncomfortable , we proceed to leave and maneger ask if i was ok, because i let them know i had stumble over the toilit paper holder. I told him I think I will be fine but put a out of order sign on the door please. as we left we went shopping about a hour later I was really feeling like i hurt some thing.

my leg was getting numb as I was walking around the my sister and i went back to bob evans to fill out a accident report..

they still had not put a sign on the bathroom door. I was really mad, To lazy to put a sign on the door, I told them all it takes is a piece of paper a pen and a piece of tape.finally 1 1/2 hous later they did put a sign on the door and i have been suffering from a toilet paper holder accident for 6 months..( and to beat it all,,they weren't even busy )now it won't let me upload a pic..

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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Good lord... Really???

You have been hurting for SIX MONTHS over tripping over a toilet paper holder???

That's definitely right- you surely are tripping... If this complaint was valid then you would have sued them and won, which clearly you didn't do- so do everyone a favor and please- get the *** over it.