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The service at this location is great at breakfast or lunch but, do not go there for dinner. When you walk in the tone is set by the greeter.

This location hires teenagers for the dinner time. The greeter always looks bored or ok how many, no smile or anything to make you welcome. Tonight I had a server who really needs more training. He was taking care of three tables at the same time couldn't even get the drink order right.

He asked me three times what I wanted to drink. After he took my order he took two more orders before turning it in. Ten minutes after he took my order another waitress came over and asked what my order was because the orders got messed up in the kitchen - no it got messed up by the waiter. I saw my order placed on the warming rack and it was another fifteen minutes before he picked it up.

I ordered the 3 course dinner but did not get that. I went in at 6:15 and did not get my check until 8:00. During this whole time the manager never came out in the dinning room, probably didn't want to hear the complaints. I normally figure the tip at 20% and if there are any problems it goes down, especially if they don't refill the coffee, I got a refill at 7:45 after asking for it.

By the time I got the check he had made so many errors that he should have given me a tip. I still gave him a 20% tip because he said that he had only been here for two weeks.

He is not ready to be on his own or do one table at a time and get it right. This is a common occurrence during the evening hours.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bob Evans Restaurants Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Well, thank you for still tipping him. That was considerate of you.

It does sound like he needs further training and I am sure he was trying very hard. It is the manager's responsibility to ensure staff is trained and ready for the floor.

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