Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

I am a big spaghetti person. Every time I go to a restaurant, I order spaghetti if they have it.

Bob Evens used to be my favorite place to get spaghetti, so, you can imagine my dismay when I went to Bob Evens and found out there is not a single noodle in the restaurant anymore. Exactly, why on earth did you *** my favorite food? I have always been a loyal customer, I go to Bob Evens every couple of weeks. My visits have become more frequent since my brother was diagnosed with cancer, and we've been eating out a lot.

When I went and discovered Bob Evens no longer served spaghetti, it was almost painful to eat the other food I had ordered. I really hope that it returns, otherwise, I will probably never eat there again.

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I agree


I am sorry to hear about your brother, and that Bob Evans has no spaghetti anymore. That is terrible for me to hear too because I also love spaghetti!

Warm bread and spaghetti really hits the spot, and can make my mood better.

Maybe this soul soothing food helps you too.

I will call on Monday to see if we can bring spaghetti back to Bob Evans. Meanwhile, Denny's has a good spaghetti dinner too, and the restaurant has booths to sit in too.


I'm right there with you! It was yummy with the sausage in the sauce and just the right savor portion size for a small eater!

Now I have to find another restaurant! We too eat at Bob's a lot, 2-3 times a week actually.

I'm so disappointed. Please bring back my favorite meal!!!!


I too am so disapointed ! always ordered it as my favorite .

I can't believe they can't keep a pot made and noodles are nothing... Can also keep made al dente and re heat in hot water fast. I guess we are the minority on ordering this or they would.have kept it.

There is hardly any good spaghetti anymore. I hope it comes back !!!


I hope you know it was not made fresh in the kitchen. It was pre-made somewhere else and sent in frozen and then microwaved. Maybe their supplier stopped making it.


Please please please put spaghetti back on the menu. That's what got me hooked as a loyal customer.

Without it, you lose big points as a family restaurant, and we're forced to go somewhere else to satisfy our pasta cravings.


Entrees are only discontinued due to lack of demand. In other words, it wasn't popular.

Now, having said that, if you want some good ole' Bob Evans spaghetti, just buy some noodles and ragu sauce.

Tadu! There you go.


I feel the same way. I love spaghetti and could not believe Bob Evans stopped serving it. I have not ate there since.




I'm crushed! It was my favorite restaurant meal, bar none.


I just experienced your dismay after visiting my local Bob Evans for some spaghetti! It appears to be nation wide and part of their new menu revamp :(


Why should they handle your favorite food, if they don't sell enough of it to be profitable. They can't handle a product for one person.