Indianapolis, Indiana
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My family and I were traveling from Indiana back to South Dakota. We stopped in julliet Illinois at your restaurant.

I went to restroom while my family sat down. We I got to our table my wife had coffee and I did not. I sat for about 5 minutes waiting for waitress Not long but long enough. No one came by.

I got up went to front counter and stood there no one asked me if I needed anything everyone was busy going back and forth so I stepped behind counter and picked up a cup. I went back to my seat and filled my cup. Sitting there with our coats on. The waitress had there coats on also.

The place was cold inside. Two ladies from the restaurant came up to our booth and said if I needed a cup ask for one its against company policy for you to go behind counter. They said there boss was pissed. I said I've been waiting for someone to come by.

I'm a plumbing contractor and I work with construction workers ever day. These 2 women were as rude as the men I work with. In front of my wife and son they chewed me out. Literally.

I felt like I was in 6 th grade again. I did not think I was doing anything wrong. I told them I would pay for the coffee and that we are leaving. One of the ladies turned to another lady Behind the counter and said loudly they are leaving.

The other said my money is no good here and to leave the restaurant. I'm not lying. I Asked the lady behind the counter if she was the boss she said no. I told her to tell the boss who ever it was to kiss my rear end.

I Lost my cool. Are Illinois people that rude or is it just your employees. I'm not blowing this out of proportion. My wife and son were stunned at what happened.

I don't have enough time in my day to send you this or want to ruffle feathers. But I feel very strongly that i was wrongly treated at your restraunt. Todd N.

My phone. 7122592846

Product or Service Mentioned: Bob Evans Restaurants Coffee.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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You and the employees were both in the wrong. You were impatient and rude and they couldn't control their emotions and were rude as well. Probably best for both parties involved for you not to return to that location.


Todd, you owe those workers an apology. You write that they were very busy.

You went behind the counter and helped yourself.

You think you are the most important person there. No wonder they wanted you to leave.