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#2049 restaurant in Big Rapids, MI. It was my favorite restaurant so my brother and mom took me there for breakfast for my birthday.

My brother and I ordered the country fried steak, my favorite. When it came to the table, we were both in shock. The batter was lifting off the meat, the meat was freezer burned and the gravy looked so old! When I took a bite, I got a mouth full of stale batter.

When the server asked us how our meal was my brother told him the truth. The server immediately became unfriendly and relentlessly kept saying to my brother "you don't have to be rude sir", when it was the server who was being rude which in turn caused my brother to get irritated. The manager finally came and took the meals off our bill then she became confrontational. It would had been the end of it if she would have just stopped after taking the meal off our bill.

You don't poke a agitated bear!

She needs to take classes on management as well as how to dress for success. I don't anger easily but between those two employees, I was feeling my anger coming on but decided to express myself this way.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bob Evans Restaurants Steak.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Bob Evans Restaurants Cons: Manabgements handling of whole situation.

  • Lousy Food And Service
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Went to my local facility for Thanksgiving. Wait was half an hour (not too bad), however, sitting on the wood slat seat was miserable.

It about killed my back as the seat is curved so that you can not sit back at all.

The turkey did not taste like the real thing, more like pressed meat. The dressing was way below par. The best thing about the meal was the potatoes and corn.

The cranberry sauce had to be eaten with a spoon as it was pure liquid.

Normally when I eat there, all is well. The rush for a single item selection must have put the kitchen staff to sleep.

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