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On Monday May 8 2017 I pulled up Bob Evans app leaving work and ordered 3 blueberry pancakes with the topping on the side scrambled eggs with American cheese, sausage links and an extra side of links upon arriving home to eat before my return to work I cracked open the tray ready to dig in & an unsettling smell of raw pancake dough hit my nose, it was the worse pancake site I've ever seen or smelled my pancakes were mushy and completely stuck together & really GUMMY the fruit topping that i asked to be placed on the side was completely all over the place i took a small *** despite the raw doughy batter smell & sure enough they were not done i then flipped them over since they were stuck together and they were white in the bottom in the middle Who can't cook pancakes i thought... Obviously whomever they have working On top of that i selected the bottom for fully cooked scrambled eggs & even those aren't done them i hear a voice from behind say i told you, ya should of cooked your own....

I love cooking my specialty is breakfast but sometimes when your pulling those extra hours your too tired to cook... I paid money for this what a waste So i ended up fixing fried skillet toast smh i will never eat at Bob Evans again they'll only get one chance a business that's been around this long should no better If your ever traveling and end up in Grand Rapids by M6 on Kalamazoo street between 60th & 68th st 6565 kalamazoo Ave...drive past Run unless you like your meal served Raw

Product or Service Mentioned: Bob Evans Restaurants Pancake.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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