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Dinner Rolls

Why, WHY would you want to change from your original dinner rolls to those yucky Hawaiian rolls????? What a disappointment when my husband and I visited your Muskegon restaurant on Sternburge out by the mall and asked for rolls and got that ole nasty hawiian thing.

When I asked about the rols they said you were switching...WHAT????? WHY?????


Menu deletion

What happened to my favorite breakfast? Crepes. Please bring them back to theWooster, Ohio stores


Eaton Ohio

I was in your restaurant on Sunday about 4 Pm March11 it was the worst meal and our sever apron was so disgusting it made me want to leave . The salt and pepper were not filled or clean.

I have been in the business and a sever for 38 years. I will never go back in you place again will tell everyone how bad it was.

Sorry but you need to a someone to take your store and fix it. Sorry for your loss.



I have not received my W2


Payroll issue

I have a paycheck that I never received and would like to receive it.


Thanksgiving & Christmas dinners

Why give us a pick up time & then not have it ready? We having been waiting for over a half hour to get our pick up meal for tomorrow. Then is only one other customer here.


address change

I used to work at Bob Evans restaurant in South Point , Ohio. I need to change my address for my w-2s.

I tried calling the corporate number, but can't get through. Thank you, Teresa Phillips


Gift card

Have $25 gift card to ur restaurant. Will the new company honor it or am out the money???


How soon will you have an chip protected- check out for the credit cards, been waiting since last fall.


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