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May 31st,2019 we ate at a Bob Evans in Reynoldsburg, oh. Asked for real butter and was brought out margarine.

We asked for real butter again in the little packets you use to have. Was told they have only canola oil margarine. We do not like it at all. Had a couple of other customers behind as we were paying our bill at Reynoldsburg Ohio and they said the same thing that they wanted real butter and the portion sizes were smaller than what they use to be.

Today June 1st we ate at Bob Evans again in Circleville, Ohio. Same thing again NO REAL BUTTER!!! My husband told the waiter up front he didn’t want margarine that he wanted real butter if not he didn’t want the toast without it. The waiter brought out margarine.

Again we asked for real butter please. Then he brought out the little small round tubs of whipped margarine. We told him whipped margarine that isn’t real butter. So he brought out the canola oil type which doesn’t have no flavor.

We and others love REAL BUTTER NOT MARGARINE. Margarine is only one molecule away from being plastic. Flies won’t even land on margarine. We live in Gallipolis Ohio and use to go to BOB EVANS in Rio Grand Ohio.

We don’t go there anymore because of the service sucks and we hate the way corporate has changed the gravy, the home fries and the way they do the omelettes now. The quality of the comfort foods and breakfast has drastically gone downhill and continues every time you make changes. Please let us customers that love REAL BUTTER continue getting real butter NOT MARGARINE. Teach the waiter/waitress the difference between real butter versus margarine.

You have lost our family that includes my dad & mom whom knew Bob Evans, a lot of my cousins we don’t go there anymore because of the quality of the food and service. It’s not about customer satisfaction it’s all about the profit you’re getting. We don’t mind paying for what want. Don’t change what isn’t broken.

You had a lot of good customers that loved the old fashioned way the food was done. Now you’ve got it set up for for fast convenient pre-cooked foods that need warmed up.

We can tell the difference and have done for a few years. Bob would be rolling over in his grave if he knew how the corporation has made his food taste unsatisfactory to they way he created the home cooked family restaurant.

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