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My husband and myself visited the new Bob Evans in Brecksville, Ohio.

We ordered your famous "boasted chicken dinner"

Upon receiving the food we realized the food was not hot. Apparently the chicken was cooked in the Broasting vat and then set aside under the warming lights to keep warm.

We would rather have the chicken cooked upon ordering and served immediately along with the potatoes and vegetables which by the way were not very warm.

Two days after this date we returned to this restaurant again and ordered a dinner consisting of your Pot Roast. Very salty to say the least.

Upon leaving I purchased a Blueberry Bread loaf. The price is "2 for $8.00" Why then did I have to pay $5.00 for one loaf?

This is not fair as for any grocery store will honor half price for one item.

May I hear from you.

Thank you,

Mrs. Grande

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

Bob Evans Restaurants Pros: Service.

Bob Evans Restaurants Cons: Quality, Pricing of breads.

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First off- if the chicken was "cooked to order" it would take about 20-25 minutes to prepare and cook, and in that case I'm sure you would complain that the food took too long.. And also the breads are priced 2 for $8 meaning if you buy two you only pay $8- if you buy one you don't get this discount.. THIS ISNT A GROCERY STORE YOU ***, that could be by the pricing is different here than at your local piggly freaking wiggly.