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My friend and I went to the St. Clairsville, Oh restuarant for dinner.

We both ordered a bowl of potato soup & biscuitsbread. Our little waitress seemed friendly at the beginning but when she brought the soup there was very little in bowl. My friend who frequents another Bob Evans and always orders the soup ask why they gave so little. The little waitress said thats just the way it was.

My friend looked surprised and told her the other Bob Evans always gave plenty. She went and got manager and her said company policy. She toke bowl back added little more but became very unfriendly and down right mean. My friend who is always a good tipper said she didn t understand it.

I told her "just cut back on tip". Anyhow when waitress brought bill she added something we didn t even have. Another waitress we knew fixed the bill and was very kind. The little waitress we had originally was mad and just had a bad attitude.

My friend still gave her a tip and she acted a little better but when we went to pay bill and left a container on table went back to get it, she had thrown it away. Unbelievable. We were standing right there she could have ask us about it. So she got the attitude again.

Will not be going back to St.

Clairsville restuarant. Plenty of other restuarants in the area.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bob Evans Restaurants Waiter.

Reason of review: Another waitress who wasn t ours tried to assist and was very kind..

Bob Evans Restaurants Cons: Service.

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"friendly at the beginning"

"The little waitress said "

It doesn't take much to show you probably came in that store as if you were lady bountiful and everyone should bow, grovel and scrape to you.

"Plenty of other restuarants in the area."

Why do I believe this is how you'll act everywhere you go? Perhaps you should stay home and spare others of your charming, condescending act.

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