1711 Dunlawton Ave, Port Orange, FL 32127, USA
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After eating at store #425 in Port Orange, Florida, my husband and I went to the register to pay for our meals, spending roughly 38.00 at this time on meals. We have visited this restaurant before with no complaints.

There was a couple ahead of us, which was taken care of and we were told by Shift leader, Christine Ellis, that we had to wait so she could take this call. We agreed and waited patiently. This conversation included her taking an order over phone which was extremely long and included numerous questions for 5 minutes. Meanwhile, other servers, that saw us waiting apologized for this situation, while the shift leader, never said another word to us or put the caller on hold for a minute.

We asked a server if she could check us out and the response was "No, we only have one register". The shift's leader, still made NO attempt to use her manager skills to deal with this situation, ignoring us. We asked for the manager and was told "They don't come in until 12:30 PM. It was 12:17 PM.

When this manager finally got off the phone she stormed in the kitchen and back out stating out loud "I can't do two things at one time". She was extremely unprofessional and exhibited no managerial skills. She NEVER apologized to us for the inconvenience and proceeded to exhibit facial anger. This was totally not acceptable and you have now lost good customers.

You may want to train your "leaders" to be better at customer service and keep their feelings, especially facial grimaces, to themselves.

And if indeed they need more help to check people out, provide them with another computer and or another way to "take orders". Very disappointed.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bob Evans Restaurants Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $38.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Bob Evans Restaurants Cons: Management staff, Christine ellis shift leader.

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The shift manager should have answered the phone, asked the person to hold, rang you out, then returned to the caller. Maybe she was new.

It sounds like her nerves were torn up, which isn't good if she's in a leadership position. Is it possible that you and your husband were extremely impatient and made things worse by showing your impatience?


As stated above," we waited patiently." You state that her "nerves were torn up", well, she is representing Bob Evans very poorly and the goal is to treat your customers with respect and courtesy. Also that would only be an observation you could make if you were present in the restaurant, again not your customers concern or problem.

We refer to other service staff approaching us and apologizing for HER behavior and making us wait at length with no concern for "the customer". We can agree that this individual doesn't need to be in a leadership role. We would like to mention the site "Pissed Consumer" is in poor taste as far as naming a site.

We are not pissed but disappointed. Did you also miss the part where this individual NEVER made any attempt to "smooth over" the fact that she may have been at fault?

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