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For supper on 6-7-18 ordered blackened sirloin from waitress new to me. She didn't ask how I wanted it done, so I added in "extra rare" as I have always ordered it.

Meat was not even medium rare, so I had waitress get another. The second one was about medium rare, but only in the center. Ate it, but left only enough in my tip (64 cents) to have an even-dollar amount on my credit card. Invoice #480500080

Many new faces lately at our local Bob Evans #421.

Asked cashier about personnel turnover, both out in dining area and in kitchen crew, and she verified high turnover lately.

Told her that some new chef of theirs didn't know the meaning of "extra rare." No problem prior to this occasion.

Sincerely, Don F. McClish (330) 688-9156

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If you are in Ohio, that waitress (who didn't make your steak) is making $4.15 an hour. She is not hanging out at Bob Evans to meet new friends. She is there trying to earn a living.


You tipped the waitress 64 cents because you didn't like how the cook prepared your steak??? Aren't you a swell guy!

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