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I live in South Georgia and there are no Bob Evans Restaurants near me except for Jacksonville, FL. For the last 3 years on every other Sunday I have driven to the Bob Evans location (55 miles from my house) on Hodges Blvd to get your delicious old fashioned Navy bean soup with ham, a small dinner salad, 2 dinner rolls and a cup of hot tea with lemon and honey.

About 3 weeks ago, I drove to the Hodges location and the placed was closed for business. I was broken hearted and went to a Filipino restaurant and got chicken adobo with pancit. Fortunately, there is another Bob Evans across town in Jacksonville so I drove there yesterday, only to find out that the navy bean soup was no longer on the menu. Again i was crushed and no longer have a reason to visit your single restaurant in Jacksonville.

My question is why was the bean soup pulled from the menu? Was I the only customer in the US that ate the bean soup.

I am seriously disappointed in this action and would like an explanation. Thank you.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bob Evans Restaurants Menu.

Reason of review: Old fashioned bean soup off the menu.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Bob Evans Restaurants Cons: That the bean soup was taken off the menu.

  • Bring Back The Bean Soup
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London, Ohio. Jaded bean soup lover where the soup is no longer served. What is this world coming too.


Poor choice to discontinue the old fashion bean soup. Please bring back


The reason items are pulled from the menu is once or twice a year they revamp the menu. Top management decides what items are to be continued and different foods are placed on the menus for customers to chose according to seasons too.

In this way food choices are varied and is freshly new instead of just the same old same ol. I suggest if you really like a food item you try to get the recipe.

One of the best items was bread pudding. Hope explanation at least helps although you are still disappointed


Exactly what restaurants should do.....except for their best menu items!!! You don't pull something that has always brought customers into the restaurant. Hope those managers are making minimum wage, because they should be.


That was the best bean soup ANYWHERE soooooo disappointed. I actually choose other restaurants to eat at now because of that


Same, I haven't been since they pulled the bean soup. I was hoping to see the chili back for fall, so far....no chili. So not going to Bob Evan's anytime soon.


i used to go there ALL the time and buy a quart for me and mom to share. we both used to work there years ago- its the only thing we eat from Bob Evans.

i havent been back since they discontinued and i wont. you know, dumb decision, its the only place you could get a bean soup. i can get minestrone anywhere. and it all tastes the same.

the bean soup was the only thing that set Bob's apart. good job stupid executives.


I haven't been to a Bob Evans since they pulled the bean soup from the menu....so disappointed. What a bad decision.


Not only did they get rid of bean soup, they changed to Pepsi. Yuck! Bye bye!


I too loved the bean soup and was very disappointed. To make it even worse I was told it was seasonal and would be brought back.

I asked what season and I got the deer in the headlight look.They have also eliminated the chili and fresh fruit plate. Also was told a much smaller menus is coming.


My number one reason for going to Bob Evans was for the Bean Soup. I have never been more disappointed!!!


I liked the bean soup and ALWAYS ordered it. Sometimes that was the reason I stopped.

I also got a quart to take home.I didn’t know they had stopped serving it.

You saved me time. Thanks!


Please bring back the soup. I bought 2 quarts a week, sometimes 3. George H


No more bean soup at Bob Evans. Bob say it ain’t so!


I agree.... I found this out months ago and have no reason to go back and will not unless they reconsider their mistake.


Why do you take the best soup festive bean. Off the menue it does not make sense


Disappointed. Next you'll tell us you're not even selling it at the Festival! Guess I'll make a pot of my copy-cat recipe and freeze individual bowls in sandwich size ziplock bags.


They absolutely should bring it back. I thought maybe was a seasonal thing, as we called couple months ago about getting some and they didn't have it.

Called just a few minutes ago hoping that maybe now that it's cold out and definitely a good day for it they might have it, but they do not. Can make my own and do most times, but just wanted a short cut today.


Please bring it back!! Replaced by tomato basil, really?!?


I am with you loved the bean soup don’t understand either why it wAs taken off menu

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