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My wife and I had hoped to enjoy a nice dinner last night at the Bob Evans at 3700 Orange Pl in Beachwood, OH 44122.

We selected Bob Evans specifically because of its locations less than 2 miles from our apartment, a 2 minute drive. We also both looked forward to a roast turkey dinner.

We arrived a little bit before 6:30 pm. When we walked in the door there were a father & son sitting on the benches, a gentleman by himself standing, and 3 women. A waitress appeared and seated the three women. We then learned from the gentleman that he and the party of two on the benches had their names on the waiting list, had been there before the party of 3 women, who had not been put on the waiting list.

After a bit of a wait, a women who appeared to be a manager appeared and spoke with the gentleman. She told us, "We didn't know there was a waiting list." Odd, since it was their waiting list on a clipboard at the hostess station, and which someone on their staff had written the names of the two parties still waiting. The employee said she was sorry and that it would be at least ten (10) minutes before anyone would get seated. I asked if I should add my name to the waiting list, which she replied, "Yes" and which I did. This person also pointed to a young girl behind the cashier / bakery counter and said, "This young lady will be seating you."

From that point on, the hostess station remained unmanned. There were between 5-7 employees in the area between the kitchen and the front counters at all times. Most of the time, at least 2 to 30 of them were not doing anything other than standing together and talking to each other. Several of them were frequently in the cashier / bakery area doing nothing and in clear sight of those of us waiting. The young woman to whom the manager person had pointed to as the person that would be seating us, basically ignored us totally. At some point, she did come out from behind the counter to ask if we were waiting to which we replied, "Yes." No indication of if and when we might be seated or that she or someone else would be taking care of us.

After more than 30 minutes of waiting and being ignored, the other two parties, the ones ahead of us on the wait list, gave up in frustration and left.

My wife walked over to look at the dining room and saw that only 7 tables had people at them. Despite the 5-7 employees that floated around behind the counter, rarely did we see one come out from their to attend to any of the tables. The only food we saw coming out of the kitchen was being packaged up for take-out. Shortly after we had arrived, a party of two came in to place a take-out order and they, too were still waiting on the benches with us.

At approximately 7:10 pm. we gave up in frustration and walked out.

We like Bob Evans and had hoped to enjoy a nice "down on the farm" dinner. We will NEVER return to this Bob Evans, which means we will not be eating at Bob Evans very often as this is the one closest to where we live.

The service was absolutely horrible. We waited for more than 40 minutes, never having any employee at the hostess station other than the one time the manager person came out. It was clear that the employees could have cared less if anyone was served. With all the empty tables it certainly was not an issue of being too busy. Perhaps they were short-staffed, except as indicated, there was continuously 5-7 employees being the counter doing nothing other than walking around and talking to each other. Never an explanation for the delay. At minimum we could have been offered a seat at a table and given some glasses of water.

We could have stool outside in the parking lot for 40 minutes and felt as welcome as we did in the waiting area.

Totally unmotivated, non-customer orientated staff.

We went across the street to the local Corky & Lenny's delicatessen. We were immediately seated and within the same amount of time we had waited at Bob Evans, we ordered, were served and at our roast turkey dinners. This Bob Evans should just close up shop. Terrible experience.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bob Evans Restaurants Hostess.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Bob Evans Restaurants Cons: Being totally ignored, Total lack of customer service, Staff.

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