Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
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My Husband and I have eaten at Bob Evans for many years. Since we moved, This #320 location is close by.

We were told it would be a 20 min.

wait, although the breakfast rush was over, The staff was busing tables etc... as we stood at the front of the restaurant, we were able to see, the counter was empty and asked if we could be seated there. the counter was covered end to end with dishes, the server was standing and complaining. We stood quietly behind our seats waiting for the waitress to acknowledge us.

She only stared. Finally, we sat down and waited. Eventually, Another person cleared the plates and wiped down the area in front of us. Then she (Kathleen) approached and asked "what do you want to drink?) no smile no hello, nothing.

she returned we ordered and waited for the manager to bring our food. She only returned to drop the check while we had just started eating. Again, no thank you, would you like anything else, nothing. everyone else had to clean the counter and do her work, she is unpleasant and not suited to a people friendly environment.

The Manager Frank, was very gracious and really knows his profession. I hope you seriously consider freeing Kathleen, for other pursuits.

Mrs. D.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bob Evans Restaurants Waiter.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Bob Evans Restaurants Pros: We like the restaurant.

Bob Evans Restaurants Cons: Like the server.

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Tip accordingly. Effective lesson.


I hope you expressed your dissatisfaction to the manger---and, of course left no tip.

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