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We were at Bob Evans in Marion, In for two hours about 2pm Thanksgiving day. It took one half hour to be waited on and over one half hour to get our food.

The green beans were loaded with pepper and I could not eat them. There was not enough help both waitresses, kitchen help and cashier. The people working were very good and did what they could but there were not enough employees to do the job. We were very disappointed with Marion In.

Bob Evans. We have better luck with the Muncie In. Bob Evans restaurant and Ft Wayne In. Bob Evans restaurant.

We would like to see the Marion In.

Bob Evans restaurant Improve. We need good restaurants in Marion Indiana.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bob Evans Restaurants Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Location: Marion, Indiana

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No one wants to work Thanksgiving. Staff would like to be with their families.


You really are selfish and self centered. You think that you have every right to spend the holiday with your family but others do not.

If you were not such a fool you would understand that they also have a right to spend Thanksgiving with their families as you do. If you go on a holiday then do use your head. They are going to be busy. They are going to be short staffed.

The world does not revolve around you. If you are too lazy to cook then you should not expect longer than usual service.

Nothing wrong with going on Thanksgiving. Your selfish arrogant attitude is the issue.


Who the *** goes to Bob Evans on Thanksgiving? I wouldn’t eat there on a normal day much less a holiday. Maybe if people like you wouldn’t go to those garbage places on the holidays, they wouldn’t be shortstaffed on a holiday meant to spend with family.


It is not about going on Thanksgiving. It is about her being selfish and expecting the staff to take time off from spending it with their families and spent serving her hand and foot.

Just like she has a right to spend Thanksgiving with her family so do the other workers. Her being self centered and inconsiderate is the issue.


Getting good help for most businesses that require little skill is becoming rather difficult. Employees call in or just don't; lack interpersonal skills; cannot add or subtract, much less read and write with any proficiency; lack common sense; and don't want to work in the first place. We now have a whole generation---or two that feels good about themselves, but has no concept of how to work or what it takes to make a living outside of being on the dole.


LOL at the dole. I figured someone who has time to create a moniker and post all day was old, this proves it....

My old granddaddy used to use this antiquated term. As far as feeling good about themselves, the people you refer to see what you get for "hard work" in this country with all the outsourcing and layoffs(AKA firings). This isn't your day daddy when you could walk into a job and be there forever and get a gold watch. These people are working despite what you think but they're working smarter and realize what is important.

Be nice to them, they'll be the ones kicking up to you as your playgroup plunders the treasury.

Showing up at a *** job to help feed useless eaters like the entitled OP over staying home drunk from the night before or with family isn't something they're willing to trade their time for. They can get a job slinging has anywhere at anytime.


Actually, "on the dole" is not an antiquated term. It is very much in current use in the United Kingdom, to refer to people being on welfare.


They expect to get their money for nothing and their chicks for free!


You must enjoy salt and prepackaged frozen food. (prepared properly of course and brought directly to you ahead of the folks who have been sitting there waiting since before you arrived).

The 2nd busiest day of the year at prime time to boot. (Mothers' Day is first). B.E.

prepares almost nothing fresh anymore (my wife's aunt works at one in Ohio) and has intentionally cut back on staff. "Voila"

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