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My husband and I have decided that we had our "Last" meal at the B.E. on Beechmont (Cinti.

Oh) today 06/23/18. We arrived around 2:30 PM between lunch and dinner. The place was less than half full yet there were a number of uncleaned tables - so we were seated in the back of the room. The waitress aked to take our drink order-that's when we found out that you had switched to Pepsi Products.

We ordered water. The waitress said"What -you don't like Pepsi". She went on to say that she loves Mt. Dew.

We ordered burgers and fries asking to haqve our burgers on toasted bread instead of those horrible dusted potato buns you switched to some time ago (big mistake). I guess you don't use place mats anymore since no one had them on their tables. We looked around and also noticed that uniforms are out-replaced with unmatching jeans and tops . One worker behind the counter had on a black tee shirt and sunglasses-real classy.

While waiting for our food we over heard two different tables complaining about their food. We could hear the kitchen workers asking what some of the items on tickets were. They were very loud and arguing about how some things were written on tickets.Then a bunch of dishes hit the floor and shattered all over. That caused another scene.We received our food-the toast on our burgers was soaked in butter.

After everything that was going on we decided to just eat and get out. Especially after hearing our waitress tell the man behind us (who was one that complained about his food)that she didn't get his check out sooner because she was very busy.

Needless to say we WILL NOT be going back to that location ever again. We're hoping that not all of the B.E.locations are operating in the same manner. Bob Evans used to be the best place to go for breakfast,lunch and dinner.

But it seems since the loss of your great founder-quality,customer care and appearances are being neglected more and more year after year.We miss our old Bob Evans Restaurant.

Wake up , take a good look and be proud again so we can be also. P.S.-Bathrooms were not clean either.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bob Evans Restaurants Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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They stopped using the place-mats. Lots of complaints online about recent BE changes.

Who cares about the employee uniforms. How does that affect your service or food?!

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