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My daughter who is young and started at bob Evans back in September is a very smart successful young lady who's the head of her business class in high school and part time college.She works at Bob Evans in Port St. Lucie Florida doing a very good job the trainers all were amazed at how successful and quick she learned the menu and how to do her waitressing position well.

many customers coming in that are elderly and just love her actually ask for her. She's a blessing to them very kind and caring. My complaint is that James Henry (manager) in Port St. Lucie Florida has come in with a smug high minded reasoning attitude proud and arrogant he has talked to her even in midst of her orders he's stopped her and basically puts her down and treats her like a child.

He treats her as if she is not doing the job when the other staff has recognized her ability to do her job and be personable to her customers where she gets such high tips. Some have left the job who have been there for years and she herself wans to move on but because it's her first job and her positive attitude she is doing everything right and try's her best answering him with respect and perfessionalism.Her duty to come day after day with a smile, confident, and ready to learn, grow,& shine make the staff just adore her. She does not complain but I've seen his down sizing looks of pride and arrogance toward my daughter and others. But she does not understand why he prefers others over her and never gives her hours she asked for from or he would give hours she specifically said she would not be able because of school.Now he says he will work on it but is consistently negating her appeal as she's even written down days and time she can work which is a wide area of days and time.

She closes at night almost every time and she asked for the first week of January2017 off, printed and written as well but again James Henry has scheduled her on a day that week she never is normally on. I as a parent have been watching and would like this complaint to find a place for change to take place if not to get this overly self centered man out of his high position. It's obviously an issue with him and unfair treatment Not called for and overlooking a few wonderful staff. Thankyou so much for your attention and concern and action.

God Bless you and the restaurants throughout this great country. I like the family atmosphere and country setting this store holds.

I pray personally for it because of my daughter who's a missions student in college as well. Thank you Mrs Kim Gross

Product or Service Mentioned: Bob Evans Restaurants Manager.

Reason of review: Other issue.

Preferred solution: Fire manager.

Bob Evans Restaurants Pros: Angel, Waitress.

Bob Evans Restaurants Cons: Manager.

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What a 'helicopter' parent u are!! You need to let your daughter see how the working world churns, being her first job and all.

She can fight her own battles. That aside, BE servers can be greedy, territorial, and jealous.

They may have a hand in manager's actions to drive u to quit. Hang in there; they'll be out of business soon and u would've won!

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