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Wow!!! I go to Bob's two to three times a year and have for years.

The menu is now quite small and my choices have dwindled!! Of course, I go for the Roast Beef Hash. Was I ever disappointed!!!

I used to get a dinner plate size helping with lots of roast beef, so much that I would take some home to enjoy next day. What I got was a shallow sandwich plate. I had to lift up the eggs to see where the beef was....what little there was did not last as long as the potatoes. You had a great meal.....why did you destroy it??? The price????? $9.29 plus tax and tip. have lost a customer!!

I will not be back. Lack of choice no value for the price.

Waitresses were much more interested in conversing amongst themselves and we had to find her to get our check.

Lakeland, FL #525

Product or Service Mentioned: Bob Evans Restaurants Menu.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Bob Evans Restaurants Pros: Decor.

Bob Evans Restaurants Cons: Menu, Servicr, Value.

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Geesh!!!....i've always went to BOB EVANS RESTAURANT for my dinner, 2-4 times a week......last time I went just before NEW YEARS of 2020, I ordered a meal that included brocolie,( sp ), and I got three small pieces of the veggie!!!.....Thought it was just a happening, went there again, at the I-71/rte 36-37 exit, and ordered the same thing, AND GOT the same small little 3 again. I got the 1/2 soup and sandwich tonight, and the sandwich part was the size of a small closed fist!!!.....hate to say it, but for a little more ( $9.95 ), I can go to the Waffle House, don the street, and get 2 scrambled eggs, large order of home fries,2 large pork chops, and toast w/o the tip for $9.97!!!

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