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Hi, I know whoever reads this is not to blame but I need to report some extremely bad service, a horribly rude manager, and a wait of over 2 hours PAST the pickup time for an order! The customer (April) placed an order around 9:30 to be delivered by 11:13 by me (Lauren).

I arrived before 10:30 to pick this order up and could see the restaurant was slammed so I told them I was there to pick up for April, and they said they were getting it ready. 30 minutes later I politely asked for a time estimate so that I could relay that information to the customer and i told them I understood they were busy and just wanted to let the guest know so they would not be as upset. I was then told it wpuld be another 20 min, and since I had food for another order getting cold waiting for this order I told them I would be back again in 20 min. When I came back the second time, I was informed that they had JUST THEN but the order in.

I asked for another time estimate and was told they did not know. Ive workes in the restaurant business for over a decade (7 years at bravo/brio) so I get it when a business is slammed trying to do their best and just can not keep up, so i left and delivered another order before that one could get cold. I then came back to this location a THIRD time and the order still was not ready. When I was finally helped I again very nicely asked to speak with the manager (as i know it is not the register employees fault at all) and the manager who was apparently within hearing distance did not even turn my way and yelled "they are going to have to wait!", mind you I have now made three separate trips to this location for ONE carry out order and have ALREADY been waiting for 2 hours trying to keep the customer informed and only asked to speak to the manager to see if there was anything he could do for the customer (April) since her order was over 2 hours late.

I did not mention the huge waste of time, gas, and money for me that this all caused and how it cost me money and deliveries and was a huge inconvenience for me even though it was!, because I was more concerned with the customer's experience and ridiculous service. When i asked the manager if there was anything he could do for the customer like throw in a coupon or ANYTHING to make it better and right by the paying customer he rudely informed me that Door Dash is not a priority if the dining room is busy door dash comes last. Apparently meaning that a paying guest's 2 meal breakfast order can be ignored and not matter at all for over 2 hours because it isnt important. Now not only is the guest upset but I AM, i wasted several hours of a delivery shift, tons of gas, and had to deal woth the angry guest all while missing out on more deliveries!!!

I am appalled by the service as well as by the manager and my patience and understanding was taken advantage of only to be talked to rudely and lose money! The order was delivered finally to April and she will also be contacting corporate after i explained why her breakfast came after her lunch!!! This absolutely needs to be made right to the customer (April), it would be nice if something was done to attempt to make it right by me as well however i dont expect that especially after the attrocity of customer service i witnessed at this location, so at the very least i just need to let it be known that this customer deserves to be compensated (and more!), as well as report this locations management as the worst i have ever seen anywhere in over a decades worth of restaurant amd customer service. Im sorry to whoever has to read this, obviously not your fault!

This needs to be addressed though at least for April.

Location: 11015 prince ln. Cincinnati ohio Date: 1/27/18 Name & Number: Lauren Davis 513-570-8361 ( I am also attatching a screenshot of pick up times (what it was supposed to be and what time it was actually picked up as well as what the order was) Thank you

Product or Service Mentioned: Bob Evans Restaurants Pick Up Service.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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You need to contact Corporate.


I can't possibly read such a long complaint.

I do know that Bob Evans has been sliding down that long, slippery slope for some time now ; a direct result of different ownership.

They make virtually nothing fresh anymore and everything is loaded with sodium.

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