Timonium, Maryland

While visiting the Baltimore, Md area, we planned to meet family for breakfast at Bob Evans. My aunt said she was there already, just waiting for us.

When I informed the joyless blonde hostess of this, she appeared to look me up and down and then remarked, "I'm pretty sure they're not here." How could she be sure? Next, a friendly server took our order of 2 coffees and an orange juice. Just as she returned with the drinks, my cousin called to say we were in the wrong BE restaurant. I informed the cashier of our error with a smile.

He hunted down our server so he could get our ticket, which she hadn't even placed in the system yet, and charged me $10.35. He did offer directions to the right Bob Evans though.

We are African American and as much as I wish it didn't matter I think that was the reason for her comment..even though she was right. The whole thing just left a bad taste in my mouth.

Monetary Loss: $10.

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So they sent me a $5 gift certificate and an apology. I inferred the racism.

I said it was implied.

Perhaps this isn't the forum for me. Thanks for all of your comments.


You ASSumed racism because the employee was white, you are black. So, you are ASSuming she must be racist based on HER skin color. What does that say about YOU?

First Born Triplet

Where is the racism?


How could two coffees and an orange juice total $10.35? If you didn't consumer it, you should not have paid it.


we had a b evans experince in indiana waiter took our order, food never arrived after 45 minutes the waiter come to the table and apoligized for not checking on us but he had gotten busy( hardly and one else in the resturant) he siad i will get your ticket i said ticket *** we havent had any food yet,he looked at me and said are you sure? yep i was sure


10.35 for two coffees and an oj?!? That's outrageous!


Yeah I bet she is racist. Was she wearing a white hood as well.


Maybe there was not a person there alone that could have been your aunt. Maybe the hostess was aware that there were only males or younger females or people she knew...the list goes on.

I hate racism and do not associate with racists but I don't see either in your story. Why did you think you needed to mention her hair color?

So that we would know her race? How would that matter?


You're both right Mikebrady and Anonymous. Thanks for your insight.


Get over yourself