Morgantown, West Virginia

I went to the bob evans resturant , Monday Dec 2 at approximately 7:30 a.m. There were 4 employees standing around, chatting; maybe one was doing something.

I know they saw me. I was right in front of them. I waited awhile & knew this wasn't right. I've been to Bob Evans resturants several times over the years.

(Waynesburg, Pa., Westover,Wv., & Bridgeport,Wv.) In fact I was ignored so long, that a cook told the aforementioned employees that they had a customer waiting. They still ignored me some more. This is where I made a mistake. I knew I should just leave; but I didn't.

I guess that I thought that things would get better; but they got even worse. Finally a woman came over with a scowl & said something gruff & took me to a table. (I should have left.) When the waitress took my order, I complained about how I had been treated. Then the manager came over & said she understood & she had talked to the employee.

I swear she turned her head & was trying not to laugh. She apologized, but it was phony. I was so upset that I couln't eat the omlet, hash browns & toast; so I left my food on the table. I got up from the table before I had a receipt.

I went by the cashier & he already knew the amount I owed for breakfast(weird). He said $11 & I don't remember the change. I said , "are you going to charge me ?" I couldn't eat my breakfast." He repeted how much I owed him. I always have had a friendly experience at Bob Evans in the past.

I guess this was just a weird coincidence. I shouldn't have let people upset me like that.

They caught me off guard & like I said, I should have left early on. James Harbert.

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I know you were hungry and wanted to be served, but you know , you should have stood up and said out loud ,do I have to cook the food. and where is the service that I know that BOB EVANS is famous for?

If that didn't get a fire under some assesss. then I would have walked out.


I at least appreciate how this consumer admitted they shouldn't let people upset them like that and they caught'm off guard and said maybe it was just a coincidence that day and they usually enjoy that restaurant. The comments below are more abashing than this simple post.


Yes - there are many types of complaints here. This one is in the "I didn't get my *** kissed" category.


You must know how to read people's minds since you claim to know what the employees were thinking and doing. Yet you find it weird that the cashier knew how much you owed him.

What is weird is your claiming you knew the employees saw you, you claiming you know the manager's apology was fake ect.

The reason they knew the price of the food was because they were informed of what you ordered. What is weird is you claiming to know what everyone saw and how they felt.


"This is where I made a mistake. I knew I should just leave; but I didn't" you did! By staying you just condoned the behavior


You couldn't eat your breakfast because of a scowl. Oh poor you.

Box it up and send it to the Phillipines - they would be happy just to have clean, edible food.

You could even serve it with a scowl and they would still eat it. How do you handle REAL adversity in your life?