Dunkirk, Indiana
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I went to Bob Evans and was confronted with what looked like 6 Hispanic women being trained to be waitresses. I was seated clear in back where I was virtually alone.

It took about 10-15min. to even see a waitress who told me my waitress was in training. I got a cup of coffee and placed my order and never saw her again for 15 min. When I did she put my order on the table with my bill and said she would take the bill to the register any time I was ready then stood there watching my hands because she wanted a tip.

I was insulted an angry because she stood as if to watch me eat. Waiting for a tip. And the long hair hanging to her butt nearly brushed the table top. I left.

I did not tip.

Bob Evans did not contact me. If I go back at all and see Hispanic wait staff I will leave.

The Bob Evans restaurant in Logansport Indiana is beside Motel 9 where big black SUVs unload a truck full of Mexicans several times a day.

I have contacted ICE.

I won't go back to Bob Evans

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