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i worked there for several months in sharonville ohio...i have worked at many restaurants and learned what is great service...i was old enough to be 90% of servers mother. i;d fire anyone who uses their cell phone.

when ice tea is sitting empty! or cottage cheese is empty! this happened everynight! i was stocking, and serving their customers, while they, the kid servers, stood behind the counter texting and takes absolute teamwork!!!!

note to young servers, taking an order and collecting your tip is only part of your job...most fail to check back on all customers, making sure they always have the correct order, and drinks are always offered! clearing empty plates, offering deserts, and making customers feel the urge to come back...yes, you have an area to serve, but reality, all customers are yours!

any bad service is loss to all...and managers, making these kids learn the menu does not teach them good customer service! i recall managers running like crazy, doing what these kids should have been doing....

Product or Service Mentioned: Bob Evans Restaurants Customer Care.

Reason of review: staff.

Preferred solution: better training for servers. .

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The reason I am predictable to you is because you know you made those posts so knowing so you know I will call you out on it.


It doesn't seem quite fair to title this post "Bob Evans" when your beef is really with today's kids.


You may be older than your other workers but you are the one acting like a child. When you bash your coworkers you are not a good team player, and with your terrible spelling and grammar you would not be in a position that can fire anyone. Sounds to me like you are just a bitter disgruntled employee.


I think we should examine the irony here: You are lecturing someone about being a team player, after you (by your own admission) were fired from Target for sexual harassment?! LMAO!


You are obviously thinking of yourself, as far as I am concerned YOU made that ridiculous post.


Thanks for being predictable! We expect no less.

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