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My wife and I met another couple at the Delaware, Ohio location near the Byers auto dealership. it was about 3:00 p.m. on Sunday 19/13/2015. not many customers at that time. The food was fine but the physical plant left a lot to be desired. There was debris on the floor, broken window blinds, some of the staff''s aprons were soiled and the bathrooms were filthy (the floor tile under the urinal looked as though they were caked with dry urine). My wife said the Ladies room was also filthy and there was no toilet paper in her stall so she had to ask the lady in the next stall for some of hers. In addition, both paper towel dispensers were empty but, there were paper towels on the counter ( in a puddle of water).

When we ordered we told our waitress we were to be billed separately. We received a single bill and the server quickly corrected but, the other couple's coffee was on our bill. I told them not to say anything I will pay for it. About this time my wife needed a drink and discovered the cola that was on our bill had not been delivered. Oh, I almost forgot to mention one party ordered from the breakfast menu and when the waitress delivered his meal she apologized that the toast had not been made yet and she brought it a short time later.

Mistakes happen but, the appearance of the staff and physical plant is not a mistake it is a glaring indication of management neglect. No wonder locations are shutting down. You need some new management. Perhaps someone who has experience in food service and not just a degree.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bob Evans Restaurants Sanitary Conditions.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Bob Evans Restaurants Cons: Short staffed or bad management.

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I agree about new management. I worked for Bob Evans for 10 years.

Walked out & quit because of bad management. The reputation is going down hill. I say quit warning them when you are coming. The place is filthy.

Staff using drugs in the store & parking lot & by dumpsters. Unbeleivable. All managers know this. Free for all at Bobs.

Sad sad. Miss my job. But do not miss all drama & hostiliy. Bullies are allowed.

Facebook is occuping most of staff's time. Corpoarate paying for staff to get high & play on phones & fight with each other. Come on Bob, what happened to hard work & loyalty. Thankyou.

Had to vent. Very mad still.