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I detest the Mason Jar drinking glasses. They scream redneck hick.

Bob Evans has adopted theses glasses nation wide. What a shame to downgrade the whole chain with these Canning jars for glasses. What were they thinking? Who were the intended group they bought these glasses for?

Certainly not me nor my friends. It was bad enough that there were blue canning jar lights in the newly decorated stores. It seemed for a while Bob Evans was changing to " a little bit country" in the decorations and not saturating the restaurant with country until it becomes discussting redneck hillbilly.

Lighten up on the country and get rid of the canning jars and replace them with regular glasses.

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Where can I buy the Bob Evans iced tea mason jars? We love the jars filled with ice. Makes the tea taste even better.


Ha ha more thumbs down than up opinions are like as( holes everyone has one. An they usually stink


What a snob you are! You really are going to rant and rave about the glassware choices the restaurant has? Maybe you need a job to keep your nose out of Bob Evans' business and everyone else.


If you do not like it stay out. This is still a free country and you are free to leave those of us that like this type of restaurant alone.

And since you seem to feel superior to red necks like me kiss off. You are free to do that as well.


If you're really a redneck, you drink out of old empty jelly jars like my family did the whole time that I was growing up.


Not just jelly jars, but empty mayonnaise jars, empty pickle jars, empty peanut butter jars. And you always had to make sure to rinse out the jar first before filling it up with anything, because when you are a redneck living in the deep south, lots of times you have roaches in your drinking jars.

My sister said that one time when she was eating while watching Star Trek, she happened to glance at the fork she was about to put in her mouth and saw that there was a roach on it. And also, you always had to look inside and shake around the box of cereal that you were about to eat out of the box dry like a snack so that you could be sure that there weren't any roaches in it.


I have arthritis in hands. Jars are very heavy.

Very difficult to grasp. I don't like straws or styrofoam.

Sollution, eat elsewhere. Yes that is the best choice.


There’s nothing like being a redneck hock. At least we ain’t a high falutant ***


I think they are charming and a nice slice of Americana. FYI, the word is 'disgusting', not 'discussting'.


The lip of a Mason jar is made for screwing on a ringed cap. The lip of a drinking glass is smooth and angled for drinking. Bob Evans changed from drinking glasses to canning supplies so that they could serve everyone a few ounces less and we wouldn't notice it.


It's the same amount when served in glasses...we also offer free refills on all drinks except juices and milk


I don't go to Bob Evans (I don't like frozen food that is microwaved) but I love it that some restaurants do serve their beverages in mason jars. There are several independently owned restaurants (not corporate drones like Bob Evans) I frequent that serve their drinks in mason jars and my family and friends love it as much as I do.


At least its not paper or plastic because soda and beer tastes the best in glass


I don't care for mason jars either, i don't know where this craze came from, but if you use a straw, it doesn't really matter in the end.


A container by any other name is still a container. Be it a glass or a mason jar, it contains your drink.

True, the same argument could be made against me; however, I do not take issue with either option.

Perhaps you would like to consider yourself superior over others who enjoy the restaurant's choice of using mason jars for their drinks?

Of course, I'd be making an assumption, so feel free to disregard that question as irrelevant. I will comprise an opinion on offering regular glasses as an alternative to mason jars at the customer's request.


Anyone dining at a Bob Evans is not in any position to feel "superior" over others.

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