Lewes, Delaware
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I went to Bob Evans on Costal Highway Delaware Friday May 9th. I walked in behind a family mother, father and 3 girl.

The young man who was greeting the customers looked at us as if we did not belong there, but what he did next was worst. He got a table for the family and continue to ignore us. The place was not even busy. Then a couple came in and he said to them do you need a table for two.

Still pretending we (2people were not there). So I said to the person I was with did you see that seem we are not welcome here let's go. Right as we were leaving another couple came in and he said the same thing. That's when I decided to turn back.

I said to him did you notice we were waiting for a table.

He said no, I thought you were waiting for someone. Never will I ever dine at a Bob Evans again.

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Why did he look at you as if you didn't belong there? Do you have a 2-foot-high blue mohawk?

Are you Muslim? Are you black? Were you wearing a t-shirt that said "*** YOU"? Were you dressed like a wizard?

So many questions I have.

Bob Evan's motto is: "We treat strangers like friends and friends like family". So you are saying you were treated worse than a stranger.

I need more info if I am to help you out with your problem.