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We dined at Bob Evans store number 0504 on 11/24/14 and again on 12/20/14. On 11/24/14, restaurant was not busy, we waited 15 min to be seated, waitress's and manager observed us standing there and no one would acknowledge us. Young man behind the counter saw us as well but neglected to make any attempt to seat us or find someone to seat us. He acted as though he didn't want to be bothered. A woman was attempting to push a wheelchair with an elderly man through the side door and the young man behind the counter never attempted to help them. He just stood there and fidigited with some cardboard. Once seated and after we had placed our order, our waitress attempted to bring us food we did not order.

Today 12/20 visit, we were seated immediately, our waitress took our order. We noticed that our waitress was not only waiting on other customers but she was also distracted with cleaning up the tables. Customers at other tables were becoming annoyed as it appeared this waitress was having difficulty focusing, they kept asking her for items that she did not bring them. We then noticed that the food that people were waiting on was sitting in the kitchen area shelf piling up. We overheard the cook yell out and say there were 3 orders waiting. Our waitress made no attempt to acknowledge that she heard him. She continued clean tables, and take orders from other customers being seated. Our food sat on that window area 15 min before it was served to us. My husbands burger was barely warm.

We have been going to Bob Evans Resturant 0504 for many years and this Resturant has always been 1 of our Resturants of choice.

We thought maybe that on 11/24 that the employees were just having a bad night until we visited there today.

Unfortunately these incidents have turned us away from eating there anymore. Today was the first time we did not give our waitress a tip. Good bye Bob Evans!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Bob Evans Restaurants Cons: Service.

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They seem to be operating like walmart except for break, walmart gives them. Big hype before a store is opened about how everyone is family and how fun it will be, then when open reality sets in.

Scheduling you past your availabilty, not giving you a 15 minute break if your shifts goes past 6 hours, making every one run food of everyone else and your customers either get the wrong food or they wait forever.

Food being cold by the time it gets to the customer. The corporate people just don't have a clue what they are doing all they see are numbers and money instead of viewing it as people and potential loyal customers first.


the company is doing away with bussers to cut labor costs. sadly, this results in your servers being forced to do it all.

i worked there until recently, and it was impossible during rushes to see to the needs of customers while keeping up with cleaning. the company also scaled back the number of servers allowed to work, which meant that sometimes i was the only server in charge of half the dining room.

it got ugly. people are trying to do their best in wretched circumstances; please be gentle!


I eat at the location inside Graceland Shopping Center at 5091 N. High Street Columbus, Ohio 43214.

There is a waitress by the name of Janet Ruthorford who acts like she always has an attitude and I assume it's everyday she works because she hardly smiles. At times when we are waiting to be served and not sure who we are having, she walks by and ignores us like we don't exist.

Other than that the food is very delicious and the managers are very nice and helpful and always smiles with a hello. They also acknowledges us by our first names.