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While dining at your Bucyrus Ohio location I bit down on a piece of glass that was in my sunshine skillet. I also found a sliver of glass in my food after inspecting it, I have no way of knowing if I ingested any.

We spoke with the manager and she did not charge us for our food. My wife and I were afraid to finish. We also saw your promotion for Thanksgiving dinners "to go" and we were considering doing that this year, but have decided to look into other options as we fear that a mishap this severe could happen again. This is very dangerous and cause a very serious problem, we go to many Bob Evans locations and have never encountered something so serious.

I understand that plates get broken and mistakes happen..

but with my experience in working in food, I know the proper steps to take to prevent glass and shrapnel from contaminating food, we had just begun our meal and it's my birthday. My wife contacted the customer service line and left a message, hoping to hear back from someone to prevent this from happening to another person.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bob Evans Restaurants Sunshine Skillet Omelette.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

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This can happen. Ingestion of a small piece of glass shouldn't cause any problems and should pass thru your digestive system uneventfully.

They didn't charge you for the food but I am not sure what you want other than that. Time to get on with life.


This sounds a little to "scammy" in my books. If it is true at all, then sorry for your experience.

Obviously unacceptable to have glass in food. But, what is the purpose of this: "My wife contacted the customer service line and left a message, hoping to hear back from someone to prevent this from happening to another person" ?!?!? Were you going to let them know that glass in food is not good? Obviously, if it happened, everyone knows glass doesn't belong in food.

Not like it was intentional. Not to say there shouldn't be a reprimand, but the only way to ensure forever that there is no glass, hair, or anything else is to dissect the food, which people would also cry about.


This letter doesn't sound "scammy" to me at all. And I think the purpose of contacting customer service is to A.

let Corporate know so that B.

the incident can be investigated and steps can be taken to ensure it doesn't happen again. Obviously, something went wrong somewhere that caused there to be glass in this person's food.

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