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On Oct. 29, I ate at Bob Evans St.

Clairsville. The plate had old dried up food on it and the turkey had a little bitter taste to it. I let the waitress know about it. And we paid n left.

I got diarrhea about 5 hrs later and ended up in the hospital with C Diff. I'm still in the hospital, and been sick for 3 weeks, And one week so far in isolation.

I don't know for how long. But whats worse is that Bob Evans said they will not pay the hospital or medical bills.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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And why are you wearing oxygen in the picture? Obviously you are an ill person with much more going on than diarrhea from a turkey sandwich.

Gastrointestinal illness does not require the use of oxygen.

Nice try though, in pawning your medical bills off on a restaurant. Glad they did not fall for it.


Thanks for making me lose my appetite.


It is spreading through our family like wildfire


If you read about how clostridium difficile is contracted, u will learn that it isnt acquired singly by a meal at a restaurant. First u had to have been compromised from having taken strong antibiotics to wipe out the normal flora (good bacteria) in your gut, then ingest cDiff bacteria, which could be from anywhere, but most often an environment such as a nursing home or hospital, where although great measures are taken to prevent spread of microorganisms, a larger amount of these types of bugs reside, for obvious reasons (people with diseases). Hope u feel better soon.

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