Niles, Ohio
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last feb. 2014, I ordered Cajun fish at bob evans in warren/niles,ohio.

by the time I got home, it was coming out of both ends,which lasted for3-4 weeks. lost 25 lbs and came close to death. went the va ,they put me on cipro ,took another month to gain weight. this is a definite management problem because of sub standard hiring practices.

bob evans ain't what is used to be. I'll never go back to any bob evans,anywhere. I just look at one and I want to throw-up. stay away, they suck,they really do.

this was in Niles,ohio/near warren,ohio. food poisoning is hard to prove,so beware!

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $15.

Bob Evans Restaurants Cons: Food quality, Service nor food quality.

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I went to Bob Evans came home throwing up n having diahreah


This happened more than one year ago, and you are just getting around to complaining about it now. Something is wrong with you and I don't think it is food poisoning.


just found this *** web site,just giving a heads-up numb-nuts.