We went Monday morning August 17, 2015 to the local Bob Evans in Shively, KY. Went for the Belgian Waffles, the store didn't have any waffle mix, so we ordered from the menu.

My daughter ordered the Sun Rise Skillet and I ordered biscuits and gravy. My daughter took one *** and got sick, I tasted her food and something was bad, either the eggs or the bacon were spoiled. It was disgusting. My order of biscuits felt like they were over a day old, and the gravy was not as good as it had been.

My family have frequented that particular restaurant many time before. But that will be our last.

thanks you: karlton rudolph

Product or Service Mentioned: Bob Evans Restaurants Eggs.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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First of all one *** will not make her sick. Second I reported you to CPS.

You took a *** of her food and knew something was wrong, yet you did not ask for it to be replaced. My guess is that you wanted your daughter to get sick, or possibly made her sick yourself prior to coming to this restaurant to get something (free food compensation). Either way if you tasted her food and found a problem you should have asked it to be replaced. One *** won`t make her sick.

You obviously forced her to eat the entire meal or made her sick prior to coming to the restaurant. Or you were fired and are making all of this up without doing your research on food poisoning.


Exactly!! I love it when people take one *** and say they got sick from it.