Mansfield, Ohio
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Hanley road location Mansfield, Ohio at rt. 13 and I-71.

I honestly thought my girl and I were being punked or were the punchline of an awful joke. From the moment we were seated, things went wrong. ! cup of coffee, and I had to go search for someone to bring a pot to our table, 2nd our breakfast took forever (restaurant was at 25% capacity), then obviously had been sitting for 10 to 20 minutes as they were cold and rubbery.

We sent them back & waited a minimum of 20 additional minutes, maybe a half-hour and got the same luke warm, heat lamp type a food. My eggs were over done & i had requested over easy, the second plate was 1 of the same overdone and one barely sunny side up let alone the rest of the cold warmed up food. The Server, was clueless, to everything, especially her job and we tried to fake a smile through the whole terrible experience, but I finally couldn't take it any longer, when she had the nerve to ask: "is everything o.k. over here?" We walked out right after I had told her the whole dining experience was an Epic F$#ng Failure.

Now I have only broad stroked the inept employees, and the school cafeteria rated food that was experienced at Bob Evans of Hanley Road Mansfield, Ohio. We didn't pay for it, and we shall NEVER return to this location again. Last month, we dined at Bob Evans in Lodi, Ohio near the strip mall outlets, and received A-1 service and food, and were glad to leave a 30% gratuity.

Too bad we do not live near this location. In closing, I shall share my horrible Bob Evans horror story with EVERYONE I know as to save them from the experience we had.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $25.

Preferred solution: Bulldoze that location or fire everyone and start over.

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