Charleston, West Virginia

Today july 22 saw your cook outside in silver car getting high at 11 am this smorning drug test your employees or I'm going to the press about this I eat there a lot I don't want no druged out person cooking my food you all need to do a better job fix the matter or I will go to newspaper please fix the matter or I will tell all my friends not to eat there ever again seriously please I thought your company was better than that please address the employee that was in the car at 11 am and please submit drug test to all employes

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Lol white people think *** is bad


I've never read such a poorly written piece of *** in my life. First of all, reread your words before you put them on a public forum...this ensures you do not look like a ***.

(You do) Second you obviously have no clue as to the powers of pot. If I want anyone to cook my food, its someone high. Why? Because they have the munchies.

They know food!! I honestly couldn't care less about your opinion, or how *** you looked posting this... I just woke up a Lil pissy and decided to take it out on whatever *** I came across. (Psst if you didn't figure it out , the *** is you).

Anyways, pick this *** up with a manager. Doesn't look like anyone here gives a *** about your opinion.


Wow! For you to post something and have so many errors and sound so grammatically incorrect, you sir, sound like the one on drugs just saying. Get a flipping life


All you people bashing on the post about the dirty drug user are probably drug users the I work at bob Evans and I don't do drugs and I function fine working so *** with you're *** if you're not suppose to do drugs don't do them it's simple losers


I know personally people at a bob Evans who do drugs and it's disgusting


How do you know he was getting high if you weren't being a nosey cun7 that should be illegal and should be tested for high ammounts of *** in your system.


The "druged out" person probably has better grammar than you. If you don't want a drug user cooking your food than don't eat at *** restaurants.

News flash, ***, people who work in the kitchen at places like Bob Evans like to get high because it makes their *** life a little better, especially when they have to deal with people like you. You think him being sober will make the food better?

IT'S BOB EVANS. Everything cooked there has a preset way of being prepared, that way it's fast, consistent, and easy enough for some stoned high school dropout to make.


If Bob Evans did drug tests they'd no longer have employees :grin


i'd wish they fired all the junkies working at my BE, but i don't think they care enough... you don't want to eat their food, imagine listening to their nonsense and dealing with their mood swings...


How about you calm down and stop trying to be a snitch. Whether or not that person is high isn't going to effect you at all, I promise.

Someone shooting up or doing hard drugs? That'd be a cause for concern.

But ***? Not effecting you or their ability to cook/serve, so mind your own business


Instead of complaining on the net you should have, 1 either brought it too the managers attention at that time or 2 called the police. Grow up and be an adult and handle the situation in an appropriate manner.


with a job like that... you have to smoke