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I recently dined in at the Bob Evans in Bridgeport, Oh. I would first like to say that it started out as a wonderful experience, our server, Shay was very nice, she was very knowledgeable of the menu and also offered us some really good suggestions off the menu as we was having trouble choosing from the great selection.

The food came out pretty fast and everything was wonderful. About half way through our meal we heard arguing from the back of the kitchen area, and a crew member came out of the doors and walked to one of the computers then walked back toward the back of the kitchen on his way through from what I observed it looked as if he accidentally knocked something off of a cart sitting in the middle of the walk area. And another server, a young girl with blonde hair and glasses started to yell at the young man, she called him a *** retard, and the young man came back out of the doors, our server, quickly defused the situation by telling the young man not to cause a scene in the front the restaurant. He said something to the young blonde serve very low to where we could not hear him, and walked in the back.

She followed him yelled and cussing. A few minutes later our server, Shay, came to our table and politely apologized for the scene we had witnessed. She asked if we needed anything, brought us our refills we requested and again apologized. When she walked back up behind the counter she was called to the back, after her being back there for a few minutes we could her a little arguing, mostly from the young blond server, she came from the back of the store saying *** you " to someone we only assume it was our server.

I was very upset by this. Mainly because no manager was there to defuse the situation, our server took charge and tried to stop the situation from getting out of control. Only to be treated with a tremendous amount of disrespect from this young blonde server. I felt that this girl was very unprofessional in so many different ways, I myself work as a manager in a resturant and I would NEVER allow my staff to treat eachother with this type of disrespect, and I feel that if Bob was alive today, he would NEVER allow this girl to treat her fellow co-workers in that manner.

And I think that the manager on duty that day should be talked to. Because we never seen him/or her one time, the only person who ever came to us to offer us an apology for this incident was our server, and she was the only one who took charge to diffuse the situation before it really got out of control. I feel at the least she at least deserves recognition for standing up and taking charge. I would be proud and honored to have an employee like her work for me.

She made our experience great at Bob Evans even with the incident that happened during our visit she still made the meal enjoyable and I would just like to find a way to tell her thank you and to keep up the good work. I only hope one day it pays off for her. She was a pleasant person, and we would return to Bob Evans because of the service she provided us during this trip. Thank you, Shay.

You were wonderful.

I am going to post this as many places as I can. As I am very upset about this and I think that this needs to be addressed by the store's general manager or owner.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bob Evans Restaurants Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: I think that the young blonde server should be disciplined for her actions toward her co-workers and for the unprofessional way she presented herself during our visit, and I feel that our server, Shay, deserves some type of recognition for taking action.

Bob Evans Restaurants Pros: Our server was the best thing about our visit, Fast to get our food, Was taken care of very well by our server.

Bob Evans Restaurants Cons: Other server disrespect toward staff and customers, Lack of management.

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Complain directly to Bob Evans corporate. They have a website. You are correct in identifying the manager, or lack thereof as a problem, but the bottom line problem is with the employees doing the arguing.


For some reason the map could not find the location of the Bob Evans I dined at so I am putting it here in the comments. It was the Bob Evans is 70 OH-7, Bridgeport, Ohio 43912

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