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I recentley visited your restaurant in ocala fl on hwy 200 by i75. I beleive its #153.

Thanks to an employee. The general manager came to our table and i was appauled with her appearance. Cleavage showing with a tattoo on her breast. This was not the ecpeirence we want while eating lunch at out favorite restaurant chain.

We have eaten at bobs all over america and this was our final straw.

We love your restauarnt but were highly dissapointed with the appearence. Please dont contact us as you have lost our bussines

Product or Service Mentioned: Bob Evans Restaurants Manager.

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Employees should be attired and have a professional appearance. The fact that the manager is dressed inappropriately and looks like a *** should be a cause of concern by corporate.

They have a website. Find it via a search and send them a complaint about this location.

Anyone working with the public having a tattoo visible never should have been hired in the first place. That is one of the first things I look for when hiring for my company.


How did this woman's tattoo affect the quality of your food and service? Stop looking at women's *** and maybe look people in the eye instead. You act like you were eating at La Cordonnerie in Paris and not at a low end chain that microwaves all their food in Florida.


Your complaint contains more than a dozen spelling errors.

The grammar , punctuation, and syntax are even worse.

Is English not your first language ?

Instead of sitting around at Bob Evans eating fat salty food and griping about ugly peope, attend a remedial English course.

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